Your Recruiting Strategy Needs to be Candidate-Focused

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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As our world becomes more connected, companies across industries have expressed an ever-increasing need for technology specialists. And with more companies vying for their share in this limited pool of specialized talent, it has become extra challenging for businesses to uncover and hire the perfect candidate.

To overcome this struggle, analysts suggest that companies may need to recalibrate their recruiting process. Now that candidates possess greater power, companies will have to seek new strategies to survive in a candidate-driven market. 

Pursuing Top Candidates 

In the past, companies have approached hiring with a mindset that if they posted job listings across multiple boards, the candidates would pursue them. 

However, this is no longer the case today. Candidates will not rush to submit their resumes as they now have more power to choose. In some cases, several businesses court one candidate. This only indicates that the onus is on the company to woo and win over these candidates. 

To attract candidates, companies will have to take the first step in getting attention. They must focus on promoting how joining their company will greatly benefit candidates, not just in compensation but also in career development. Companies should be able to show how the job will help them learn valuable skills and grow as a tech professional. 

Further, companies must streamline and revise any old processes. Too many steps may automatically discourage candidates from pursuing a job opportunity. As much as possible, a candidates' interest must be sustained up until they click the "Submit" button on the application. To do this, hiring managers and recruiters will have to spend time re-examining the overall hiring process and removing any unnecessary, extraneous steps that slow it down. 


Using Tech for Better Candidate Experiences

As companies pursue talent in a candidate-facing market, candidate experience is becoming key in the success of the hiring process.

If a candidate's first interaction with the business is through a hard-to-use, outdated system, then it's a bad first impression about the company. As a result, they may turn to competitors and see if they can get a better hiring experience. By giving them an early vision of a modern, dynamic workplace through your systems and tools, companies can increase the possibility of candidates choosing them over others in the market. 

Apart from this, companies should also maximize job advertisement optimization tools. Gone are the days that companies just mindlessly post jobs and hope the right eyes see them. Skill-match recommendations and algorithms can improve the odds that companies get the right candidates. 

Companies must as well ensure that their website is eye-catching and reflects the heart of their corporate culture. Website optimization for mobile devices should also be considered today as the majority of candidates interact with companies through their smartphones. 

Staying engaged with candidates even after they have applied is also important. Although many are using automated email replies now, it is still best to make candidates feel that they are not thrown under the bots' care. Sending a follow-up email confirming their application and text updates notifying them on their application's status could mean so much to them. This simple form of reaching out will make a huge difference in setting one company apart from the rest of its competitors. 

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