Workers Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Apr 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Most workers in the U.S. say they are happy with their jobs, according to research conducted by First in Business Worldwide, a subsidiary of CNBC and SurveyMonkey, the popular survey tool. The participants included a number of millennials in the workplace. However, despite the optimistic survey results, workers don't report that all is rosy with their jobs.  

Survey Results

In the survey, 85% of participants report that they were somewhat to very satisfied when it came to their jobs. Despite this positive result, just 9% of employees give top marks to their jobs in each of the five categories measured on the first Workplace Happiness Index, as the survey has been dubbed. In addition to that, 27% of workers say they aren't well-compensated and 30% considered quitting their jobs within the previous three months.

These findings were compiled from the five measures used to evaluate employee satisfaction; the five areas studied are:

  • advancement
  • pay
  • autonomy
  • meaningfulness
  • value

What the Survey Reveals

The survey, conducted in March, reveals the nuances associated with happiness in the workplace. It's clear that U.S. workers have a certain level of satisfaction with their jobs. However, there are also negatives that need to be further explored. For instance, 25% of younger workers feel that their contribution isn't valued, and 40% of workers have a hard time seeing any room for advancement in their current position.

Takeaways for Companies

Organizations that want to attract and keep great employees should solicit the feedback of workers to find out what they can do to keep employees motivated. By engaging in open and frank conversations, managers can make changes that help employees feel happy and satisfied at work. Also, it's a direct way to find out what improvements need to be made in the company to prevent workers from feeling undervalued in the future.

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