Why Your Cybersecurity Salary Still Sucks

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on May 30, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Today’s cybersecurity job market is shaped by the economics of supply and demand. These types of positions remain unfilled due to such high demand. Demand for quality cybersecurity professionals is slated to grow at a steady rate, and salaries for cybersecurity workers reflect this gross lack of talent. With some of the higher-ranking roles, such as chief security officers, the compensation rates are likely going to jump even higher.

If an individual has the right experience and skills, then it is definitely a job seekers market. However, negligible supply and universal demand aren’t able to change the fact that cybersecurity is still a field that is ever-evolving. Threats, strategies and the ability to fight them will pivot in the coming months, which is going to make it much more difficult for candidates to qualify – and to remain relevant – for these lucrative opportunities.

Acquiring the Job and Moving Up through the Ranks

Today’s IT professionals are faced with constant change and boundless opportunities. As a result, they need to be making strategic choices about their development to help build a long-term career in the cybersecurity field. Four areas to remember as these individuals are mapping out their plan for the future can be found here.

Progressive Certifications

A technical certification (or certifications) can be invaluable for any IT worker who is trying to ensure they stand out in the massive pool of workers. The same applies to any cybersecurity job opening. For executive, mid-career, and entry-level positions alike, employers want to see proof of a person’s “security abilities.” Having foundational certifications are now considered a prerequisite for anyone who is beginning their cybersecurity career.

Strategic Communication Skills

The job of cybersecurity isn’t something that falls exclusively on the IT department. Both accountability and responsibility for defending various corporate data and services also lie with the end users. As a result, any cybersecurity expert needs to have the ability to easily communicate in an effective manner with all audiences – regardless of if it is to educate workers about the dangers or to secure buy-in for a new security investment.

Government Clearances

Virtually all industries are now requiring more cybersecurity manpower. However, the public sector is currently trying to play the game of catch up. Today, the government is required to more proactively find cybersecurity gaps and better recruit the needed security experts, while developing the right career path to help ensure top talent is retained.

Digital Forensics

As both governments and organizations all around the world accept the fact that cyberattacks – or at least attempts – are going to occur, they also need to find out what is going to happen when this occurs. This is where the role of digital forensics comes in. In fact, this is a skill that is become even more invaluable in the realm of cybersecurity.

Even though employers are continuing to press the need for high-quality cybersecurity talent, it’s still necessary for those working in this field to keep the above information in mind. This will help them see why they need to continue building their careers and developing their skills. The fact is, the field of cybersecurity is ever-evolving. This means that it is imperative that those working in the field follow this lead and take the time to enhance their skills and ability, as well. In the long run, this will help the individuals who work in this industry, but it will also provide better results for the companies and organizations that hire them. If you are working in this field, be sure that you keep the above information in mind at all times to ensure you have the highest likelihood of success.

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