Why Dallas is Attracting Top Talent

Posted by Stephanie Quiros on Aug 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Job relocation is now becoming more usual than in the past. And with job search sites like Glassdoor, it's been easier for job seekers to apply anywhere. Some perceive that even better opportunities are waiting outside their current city.

In fact, Glassdoor has recently released a study about "metro movers"—people already working in one metro but still want to explore jobs in other metros. One of the top metro areas where they chase opportunities is, unsurprisingly, Dallas.

Geographically, Dallas is the closest to large metro areas such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The next largest metro area would be hours away, so Dallas is a much more convenient choice for metro movers in terms of proximity.

Dallas has also gained popularity in low living costs despite being a tech hub that offers the hottest jobs of today. Food, healthcare, and housing costs there are less than the national average.

Apart from the cost of living, commutes in Dallas are efficient, too, so workers won't need a car. Dallas has extensive public transportation such a with train, bus, and ride-share services.

If more workers are willing to move to Dallas for a job, then what would make them sign an offer with a specific company? What type of job seekers are most likely to move to a new city?

Glassdoor's study of over 668,000 job applications uncovered two main reasons for job relocation: bigger salaries and better company culture.

It's highly likely that candidates would relocate with a raise of $10,000 on their basic salary. But although compensation matters for attracting talent, it still isn't the highest motivator for a candidate to move. Then, what is?

Company culture is the one to beat. Companies with one-star higher on Glassdoor overall rating are more likely to convince candidates to change their job location. The company culture factor in relocation has a significant statistical difference of six times more than offering a $10,000 increase in pay.

To shortlist the right candidates, companies also have to consider the profile of workers they want to persuade into relocating. According to the Glassdoor study, younger employees with less experience are more likely willing to relocate. If they'd require candidates with more seniority and experience, they have to plan on giving them a substantial offer. If they want to entice women to join, recruiters need to intentionally reach out to them as they are less likely to decide to relocate than men.

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