Where Are the Privacy Experts When You Need Them?

Posted by Zach Plotkin on Jan 6, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, one in three Americans has been exposed to a data compromise, while 47% feel they do not have enough control over their data.

In light of recent data and privacy issues among large corporations, it is evident that privacy experts are needed to help these companies enhance their compliance efforts. While it’s essential for companies to have employees on their team with expertise on how to best obey proliferating laws on consumer data, the current shortage of privacy experts can make this more difficult than expected.

What role do privacy experts play when it comes to compliance efforts?

Today, all companies qualify as data companies — not just tech companies. The reason behind this lies in the fact that virtually all organizations handle their customers’ data in some capacity. Often, organizations do not realize this until they come face-to-face with critical data and privacy issues.

The information of your customers is in your hands. One wrong move can cause this sensitive information to become vulnerable to mismanagement and put your customers at risk.

With many recent reports related to data mismanagement and privacy concerns, there is currently a high demand for privacy experts. While privacy experts are necessary for all types of organizations, many companies are presently encountering a significant issue: There is a shortage of privacy experts.

Candidates must pass a test to become certified for privacy jobs.

To be considered for privacy jobs, candidates must pass a test written by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), which is based in Portsmouth, N.H. While the tests vary by location, they cover key concepts and laws regarding data, privacy, and compliance.

Globally, over 20,000 people have passed the IAPP certification exam, but with rising demand in this field, this is not enough. Although there is a current shortage of privacy experts, the good news is that interest in taking the test to become certified for privacy jobs has increased significantly. Also, hiring for jobs with the titles “chief privacy officer,” “privacy officer” or “data protection officer” on LinkedIn has increased 77% from 2016 to 2019, according to an analysis conducted by LinkedIn.

Organizations are putting more resources into their privacy and compliance efforts.

The profession of privacy has proven itself to be a constantly evolving discipline with more and more companies putting their foot down when it comes to privacy and compliance efforts. As a result, the need for legal and compliance employees is rising in demand. In contrast to the male-dominated tech industry, about 50% of data privacy professionals are women.

Not only are privacy and compliance efforts gaining importance in the workplace, but they are also becoming recognized in higher education. In fact, more law schools are now incorporating privacy into their curriculum as a course of study and dedicated specialty.

In this field, it’s not only essential to have a strong background in law, but it’s also helpful to have a basic to moderate understanding of computer architecture as well as a liberal arts mindset. Knowledge of tech will allow you to know where different databases can be housed, while a sensibility to liberal arts will help you get into the minds of consumers and understand why privacy matters so much to them.

The privacy field is constantly evolving.

As you recognize the importance of adding legal and compliance employees to your team, it’s also important to understand that the privacy field is still in its early stages. It is continuing to evolve and transform as more companies start to see consumer privacy as a human right.

In today’s advanced age of technology, your organization needs to protect the data and privacy of your customers. If you’re looking to add legal and compliance employees to your team, Infinity Consulting Solutions can provide you with guidance in finding the perfect fit. Click below to begin searching for top talent today.

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