What to Say When You Want Siri To Find You A Job

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Sep 14, 2017 1:00:00 PM

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With the new release of the iPhone X, we were curious about Siri's ability to find a job. Would it recommend specific job listings or search the web for companies hiring?Turns out that Siri recommends different things depending on your phrasing. We tried out a few and wanted to share them with you. The next time you're looking for a job, try them out.

"Hey Siri...Find me a job."- This phrasing will bring you lots of staffing and employment agencies. No specific listings or companies hiring directly. Try this search if you want to find someone else to find you a job instead of sifting through the job boards.

"Hey Siri...Find open *industry* jobs near me"- With this wording, you'll most likely find your respective industry companies near you. There, you can go to the company's site and explore the open jobs there. This is more of a gamble because these companies near you may or may not even be hiring.

"Hey Siri...Apply to jobs for me"- Siri won't actually apply to jobs for you. We tried. However, Siri will bring up job listing and posting boards like CareerBuilder as a web search. This is a very broad search and won't get you a specific job or even industry, but it is somewhere to start. 

"Hey Siri...Do you know anyone hiring near me?"- The response to this question will be a snarky Siri response saying "I don't know how I Know. I just know. Y'know?" Although amusing the first time, don't bother with this one.

"Hey Siri...Find open jobs at *company*"-  This will more likely direct you to the neartest office of the company you were searching for. Not so much a great way to find open jobs, but if you're into going straight to the company to apply, this could be for you. No guarantees they will accept an application on site.

"Hey Siri...Is anyone hiring *title/position*"- This will give you a search for someone in your contacts under the name of the position. Not very intuitive for a search device, but here's hoping the new iOS updates will improve upon these semantics. 

If you're looking for your next step in your career, contact us to get started. We may not be Siri, but we do know how to have a fruitful conversation about your career that will leave you excited for the future. If you're on your iphone right now, you can ask Siri to give us a call. 

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