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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Feb 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Have you always dreamed of working remotely? The ability to wake up and work from home in your PJs is something many people have thought about. Or the ability to freely move about to other destinations around the world and work directly from the laptop. In the modern world of business, this is all possible. You just need to know what industries offer this. At ICS we want to help make your dreams a reality, which is why we have all of these insights for you on the best industries you should go into if you want to work remote

Now Moving Away from 9-5

Working the traditional 9-5 has many drawbacks. Plus, there are a number of industries that no longer even stick to these hours, as some are moving to the 8-6 workday. Whatever industry you're in though, there are likely businesses that see the problem with a stringent work day. 

First, forcing people to travel to work brings about a certain level of problems. There are going to be days with poor weather and bad road conditions where direct travel not only becomes time-consuming but dangerous. Additionally, people will become ill and sick at different points of the year. Asking them to come inputs everyone else in the office at risk, and yet the person who is sick may not want to stay home out of fear of falling behind. 

For those individuals who work remotely it is possible to flip open the laptop and work anywhere there is an Internet connection. So whether this is in bed, waiting at the doctor's office or on a beach in Southeast Asia, there's plenty of opportunities for remote working. 

Even companies that are not moving completely to remote working have started to become flexible with working hours. In fact, as of 2016, a study of more than 8,000 global companies showed that 61 percent of businesses with a flexible work schedule saw an increase in profits while 83 percent of the businesses experienced a boost in productivity. 

Working From Anywhere Is Easier Now Than Ever Before

Working remotely has always required a computer and an Internet connection. While most employees have an Internet connection at home, they were not always able to work when on the go. That has drastically changed. It is expected that by 2020, there will be over 432 million global hotspots, and with every passing year the number of hotspots will increase

The Top Fields For Working Remotely

There are some fields that are moving faster to the world of remote working than others. If you already work in one of these fields you may be right around the corner from permanently calling your home your work office. If you're not in one of the current fields there's a good chance your line of work will eventually get there (or you can always begin looking for a new career path). 

The top field offer remote work are in the information technology industry, with just under 30 percent of all jobs now remote jobs. The next field is marketing. 24.5 percent of all marketing jobs are now conducted remotely.

Other remote positions are substantially lower than these two, as no other industry has above five percent of employees working remotely. However, these numbers will likely increase in the coming years. The third best field for working remotely is business administration and management at just under five percent. Mobile app development is at 4.5 percent, while retail shopping is at 3.9 percent. Education and training, such as teaching courses online, is at 3.3 percent (most teachers or professors do also have office hours so while some of their work can be done remotely, other aspects of teaching remain done in person). Working in the arts has a 3.3 percent of remote workers away from the office, while human services come in at 3.2 percent and correction and security is at 2.9 percent (for those who monitor homes and other security systems). 

Now is the Time To Take Your Job to a Remote Location

Are you interested in working remotely? Or perhaps you just want advice in advancing your career. Whatever you're interested in or what you want to do, our team at ICS is here for you. So apply to a job or click below and we'll begin working with you on identifying your next course of action and what needs to happen to put you in your dream job. 

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