The Best Job to Have (And It's Not in Tech)

Is there a perfect job out there? One that not only pays well but also offers advancement opportunities and on-the-job training, too? Believe it or not, that job actually exists and pays six figures.

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Soon, You Won't Need to Disclose Your Salary History in New Jersey

Most working professionals have been there—that awkward moment when filling out an application with salaries from past positions or answering during an interview when the hiring manager asks what you're currently earning. We know the consequences of disclosing the numbers. Either your application won't make it to the next level if you tell a large rate, or if you tell too little, you might be confined to receiving much less than what you should.

But not in New Jersey. The requirement to disclose salary to potential employers there will now change.

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Virginia Holds the Crown as a Business State

Recently, Virginia was named by CNBC as the "Top State for Business" in 2019. This is the fourth time Virginia has earned this recognition. They scored the highest in the 10 business competitiveness categories that CNBC uses to rank all 50 states. The main reason for Virginia's win? Arlington's high-profile deal to house the $5 billion Amazon's second headquarters (Amazon HQ2).

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