Retail Stays Booming in Dallas-Fort Worth

The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area is seeing a boom in local, brick-and-mortar retail. This success of local retailers in the 10th largest metropolis in the U.S. shows a glaring contrast to the desperation of retail in other communities. 

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Changing Jobs Doesn't Need to be Scary

At one point or another, everyone has experienced the stress and anxiety that may come along with making a job switch. In fact, during those first few days at your new company, you may find your mind becoming flooded with excitement, fear, anticipation, and even doubt. However, don't you worry as going through this range of emotions is completely normal and tends to be no cause for concern. 

While you may be feeling overwhelmed after starting a new job, it's important to know that, along with some goal-setting, dedication, and hard work, changing jobs doesn't have to be scary. Here are some helpful pointers you should keep in mind amid your job switch and beyond.  

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Your Recruiting Strategy Needs to be Candidate-Focused

As our world becomes more connected, companies across industries have expressed an ever-increasing need for technology specialists. And with more companies vying for their share in this limited pool of specialized talent, it has become extra challenging for businesses to uncover and hire the perfect candidate.

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