Employees May Need More Training in DFW's Job Market

Companies hiring in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area are finding that new employees require more skills training.

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The July Jobs Report You Should Know

The July jobs report has officially been released and reveals insights that both economists and employers found positive.

Setting the stage for the final half of the year, the report showed an increase of 164,000 jobs in the last month. The unemployment rate continued to stay low, remaining at 3.7%. Additionally, the average hourly wage went up by 8 cents, bringing the total to $27.98.

Economic expansion remained strong, the technology sector continued to see growth, and manufacturing has begun to slow down after its 2018 growth spike. Increases in workforce participation in the job search market and wage growth round out the top headlines from the last month.

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Companies Are Looking For These 20 Skills

As technology quickly advances, today’s job skills continuously face the challenge of being outdated. So how do you evolve with the job market's ever-changing needs?

Embracing ongoing education is one of the ways to be the most promising candidate in the shortlist. Hiring managers now expect you to be responsible for learning new skills on your own. For them, instead of expecting the employer or potential employer to provide advanced training, you should be responsible for your learning experiences and growth.

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