Top 5 Growing Tech Jobs You Need To Know About

Posted by Michael Parbs on Aug 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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As the technology sector continues to experience unprecedented success in 2019, STEM-related skillsets have become desirable for recruiters hoping to attract top talent. With technology getting more and more complex, a variety of highly specialized skillsets has risen to the forefront of the tech field.

Here are some of the top, fastest-growing tech jobs that the US Department of Labor predicts to be in high demand in the coming years:

1. Software Developers

The genius behind an in-depth computer program, a software developer creates applications and systems. They build entire programs from the ground up. Software developers also synthesize vast information, which requires academic and field expertise. Typically, they have a bachelor's degree in software engineering, computer science, or a computer-related field. Their future job growth is predicted to be at 24% by 2026.

2. Mobile Application Creators

By creating new products for exclusive use on phones, tablets, and other portable, touchscreen devices, mobile app developers play a part in the technological shift of an entire industry. These developers are sought-after by companies across a variety of fields, including advertising, marketing, video game studios, and even governmental agencies. With the continued growth of smartphones, they maintain a grip on different content distribution channels. As a result, by just 2020, the number of mobile app developers are foreseen to increase by almost 57%.

3. Computer Systems Analyst

Investigating a company's computer systems and pointing out inefficient procedures, computer systems analysts dedicate themselves to helping businesses work more efficiently. To achieve these goals, computer systems analysts maintain an encyclopedic-knowledge of both information technology and business needs and limitations. With the continued reliance of companies' on their computers, the projected growth for computer systems analyst jobs is 9% by 2026.

4. Information Security Analyst

Strategizing and performing measures to protect vulnerable computer networks from hackers and attacks, information security analysts are required by companies entrusted with valuable information. As they work to prevent security breaches, information security analysts need to have the knack to adapt and respond to every attempted hack. With companies needing such highly specialized skills, information security analyst jobs are expected to grow by 28% come 2026.

5. Market Research Analyst

By helping companies understand what consumers search for, a market research analyst enables a business to operate more efficiently and avoid wasting money on products that will not sell. With the rise of data-collecting technologies, market research analysts must be adept in examining and analyzing data to reveal valuable insights. As more and more products are released, market research analysts' growth is projected at 32% by 2022.

As demand continues to balloon in these fields, it will become tougher to attract, hire, and retain top talent. If you need help in uncovering unique candidates who will help sustain your business growth, get in touch with Infinity Consulting Solutions today.

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