The Best Job to Have (And It's Not in Tech)

Posted by Colby Charles on Oct 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Is there a perfect job out there? One that not only pays well but also offers advancement opportunities and on-the-job training, too? Believe it or not, that job actually exists and pays six figures.

This might sound too good to be true, but it's real.

Low Unemployment, More Opportunities

With the unemployment rate being one of the lowest in decades, the job market has also been wide open with positions that not only pay well but also offer growth opportunities. These aren't just any jobs. They are the jobs that people actually enjoy doing each day.

In March 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shared that businesses were creating fewer jobs in some industries, such as hospitality and retail. However, this didn't take away the need to fill many jobs in other industries.

Good Pay and Chance for Growth

Most people believe that jobs with opportunities and good pay are in the tech sector. While this is true, other jobs with top benefits include those in finance, healthcare, and data science. These industries have cultures and values that employees appreciate. They also have employees in leadership positions who run quality organizations. Employees actually look forward to working when their employers can offer these features.

Rewarding Careers

Some of the most rewarding careers pay close to or over $100,000. According to BLS, these career fields offered outstanding compensation and pleasant working conditions:

  • Finance leadership positions
  • Masters-level healthcare positions
  • Data analyst and scientist positions

Opportunities in the Financial Industry

In financial leadership positions, the top pay is going to people who work in management. Tax managers, audit managers, and accounting managers. Based on BLS data, financial managers earn a median salary of over $127,000. The position is growing faster than others, at a rate of 16%.

In the finance industry, data and technology are becoming a regular part of the job. As tech continues to move through the industry, financial managers must focus on harnessing their relationships with clients.

Healthcare Positions with High Growth

Rewarding, in-demand positions that pay well in the healthcare sector are physician assistants and healthcare managers. Both positions require master's degrees and compensated at par with the educational requirements.

physician assistant makes, on average, $108,000 annually. According to BLS, this position is experiencing an incredibly high growth of 31%. Physician assistants don't have on-call hours as a physician does. They only work in typical office hours.

The healthcare manager generally gets paid a little under $100,000. Some employers only require a bachelor's degree but a master's degree is much desirable. This career is also seeing a faster-than-average growth of 18% based on BLS data. Like the physician assistant, the healthcare manager also has set hours and does not work on-call.

The Emergence of Data Scientist

Data scientists are also in high demand. This rewarding career has become important in almost every industry as data is continually collected and analyzed to find best practices. In BLS, the career is so new that statistics are not yet available. But, a similar positionComputer and Information Scientistgives some signs of what is on the horizon for data scientists.

Based on BLS data, a Computer and Information Scientist can expect to make slightly under $120,000. The growth in this industry is also better than average at 16%. Successful data scientists need to be proficient in programs like Java, Python, and JavaScript. While data scientists work with tech, many still work across different industries.

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