The 3 Horsemen of Hiring Challenges and How to Beat Them

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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IT hiring has been going notably strong over the last year and is expected to do the same in 2017. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has always been a go-to source for hiring projections into the next five and ten years and, according to their research, the labor demand for IT and Software Engineering has continued to climb annually. After a 17% expansion in 2013 and then a subsequent 7% boost again in 2014, one would expect a bit of stagnation as the labor market caught up to all the growth. However, instead of slowing down, 68% of company executives indicated to CompTIA they are still actively looking for key staff resources. BLS also tracked a 63,000 position growth in professional and business services rose in November and a total rise of 571,000 positions through 2016. Computer systems design and related services specifically made up 5,000 positions with management and technical consulting services adding another 4,000 per BLS. Yet with all the talent coming in executives still expect the going to be tough for employers in terms of hires in IT and Application Development.

Hiring mangers today are feeling more pressure than ever to fill their open positions as fast as possible. And as a result of technology, ambiguous hiring processes are becoming more transparent to applicants, causing a shift in their behavior, leading to candidate drop-off. In the end, successful hiring managers have found a way to overcome the three horsemen of job vacancies:

  • Need for Speed
  • Hiring Process Ambiguity
  • Shortage of Talent

Hire Candidates Faster

Hiring the best talent has historically been about pay packages. Lucrative benefits were the king of the day for the most in-demand candidates. However, today the speed of recruitment is what makes the difference. The classic hiring manager usually wants to take his or her time choosing a good hire, vetting the resumes and testing candidates to find the real talent in the haze. Unfortunately, that often means losing a good candidate to a competing employer who moves faster. Hiring managers realistically now have 24 to 48 hours to act on referrals or resumes received to have any chance of a good pick. After that, the best candidate is probably beyond reach.

Reduce Hiring Process Ambiguity for Candidates

Hiring methods are designed to legally explain a hiring posting, justify its need, defend its notice, and document the selection process. These are all key factors human resources has to ensure are in place to avoid litigation risks for unfair hiring. Unfortunately, too much bureaucracy can burn-out candidates and drive them away before the good talent can be identified and hired on. Managers lose good candidates before ever getting a chance to recruit in person. So while hiring managers may not be able to change a company's recruitment process due to the law, they can be active in pushing the paperwork and anticipating personnel review delays. Proactive pressure to move a hiring package reduces candidate burn-out and increases the chances of a faster hiring. And that avoids premature loss of potential talent. Alternatively, the contracted vetting of candidates transfers time tasks outside of the company and focuses internal attention on the candidates who matter.

Offsetting Talent Shortages

Hiring managers should avoid the pressure of just selecting a warm body just to fill a seat. Talent shortages can be frustrating, but good recruitment takes extra work and involvement in the hiring process.  If the current batch of candidates has not produced the right pick, then the manager needs to be willing to go back to the ocean and fish again as quickly as possible. Don't hire just to secure a minimum presence. Instead, take advantage of outside partners specifically trained to find good talent and bring them in quickly.

In a challenging labor market a hiring manager is only losing time and potentially good candidates without a proactive strategy on how to hire right. This is where ICS can be a key partner; our recruitment process is specifically built to allow us to get to know our clients and build relationships with them. What makes ICS a leader and ground-breaker in recruiting is that we rely on collaboration, not automation. We specialize in: Contract Placement, Permanent Placement, Temp to Perm Placement, and Employee of Record Payroll Services. If you are facing with hiring challenges in finding the right IT talent, call ICS to help.

If you are facing with hiring challenges in finding the right IT talent,  Contact ICS to help.