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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Many job applicants still search for conventional work in their field.  But they might be disappointed if they look around these days.  The economy has steamed forward over the years, but critics decry some of the directions it has taken.  There were around 10 million jobs created since 2005 in the country, but a majority of those jobs created were actually temporary in nature.  Many sectors have seen the rise of independent contractors and other working professionals.  Gig work has increased substantially, and people are moving in that direction.  However, some wonder whether those decisions are the right ones for those following along.

Statistics Have Their Own Story To Tell

Economists at Princeton University have followed the trend and have their own findings.  They issued a report that contained a stunning statistic that needs to be considered.  Since 2005, American workers involved with "alternative work" has spiked from 10.7% to 15.8% overall.  That represents a significant change in the way that people do work overall.  Those statistics include people that are independent contractors or those involved with a temp agency.  Researchers and economists want to see how that statistical trend influences the economy overall.  It could have long-term consequences that were previously unforeseen.

Details From These Findings

Roughly 94% of job creation since 2005 fell in the "alternative work" category.  That includes independent contractors and people who do gig work on the side.  That means that the majority of these newly created jobs were not in the nine-to-five category.  That is a stunning turn of events and a big change of pace overall.  People should get used to the "alternative work" idea and what it means.  Some independent contractors enjoy the freedom that it offers.  Many others have found a lucrative line of work on their own.  Still, there is a clearcut trend in the jobs that are being created these days.  Economists will need to stay updated on that trend as it occurs.

Impact Of Changing Job Markets

It is obvious that conventional job positions are on the decline.  That kind of work has been neglected and pushed to the brink by time.  Job seekers may have to look elsewhere or find a role that is in high demand.  People want to follow job trends and make the right decisions.  Women have adapted to the trend and show a preference for alternative work.  They have represented a bulk of the people that move into that line of work overall.  That trend is expected to continue, even after the study concluded in 2015.  A cursory look at the data allows for some predictions to take place.

What To Expect In The Future

Gender bias has switched between 2005 and 2015 in many ways.  The alternative job market has improved the opportunities for people of all backgrounds.  Both men and women appreciate the chance that they get in their jobs.  More women are entering the alternative job market and want to contribute to the effort.  They find work that suits their needs and do their part over time.  That could even earn them a permanent place in the job market itself.

Big Questions About These Trends

The statistic itself is a major figure that seems like an outlier.  For comparison, there was almost no change between 1995 and 2005 overall.  Alternative jobs remained steady and relatively low key in the market.  But things seemed to change once 2005 came.  Many researchers were surprised when the figures for the next decade arrived.  That was a clearcut change that needed to be considered. Questions loom about the future of the alternative job market.  Workers are concerned about their own position in the economy.  Time will tell whether the trend is permanent for people.

Reasons To Join The Market

Workers have found plenty of reason to join with the market itself.  New staffing technology has made it possible for many to join the workforce as independent contractors.  That staffing technology has found its way into a number of niche roles overall.  Workers seeking steady, traditional jobs seem to have lost.  But they have gained in many other ways that need to be considered.  People who value flexibility have been pleased by their work arrangements.

Make the Move

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