Referred Temp Agencies are Prone To Having Top Talent

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 14, 2017 9:00:00 AM

In ICS insights

Reputation, reputation, reputation! In recruiting, your reputation is all you have. When you have a good reputation as a temp agency, talent will come to you and recommend you to other top talent. This simple causation allows staffing agencies to further their ability to staff to the best of their ability. A third of a database should be referred talent if the agency is doing things right and treating the candidates how they should be. That's why temp agencies have a leg up when it comes to recruiting. Experience truly is everything in the service industry.

According to a survey taken by Staffing Industry Analysts in late 2016, 26% of temporary workers said that a friend or colleague recommended the agency to them. When agencies take the time to get to know the goals of the candidate and client, successful matches can be made. That kind of personalization is what gets you the referrals from workers. In the staffing industry, referrals are the best form of flattery. Consider the amount of referrals a staffing agency gets as a Yelp score. Some agencies will have more referrals than other and those are the ones that have proven themselves worthy of your time. If you want to press further for referrals from actual clients, those are the equivalent to the comments on the Yelp page. Those will give you better detail into what your relationship with that agency will be like. 

Positive impressions garner a material edge for recruiters and at ICS, we use our great reputation to gather these referrals into our databases in order to source great candidates for our clients. These referrals are a significant amount of the database because our temp workers are happy with the way they were handled. Growing a sizable candidate pool is half the battle of recruiting and so referrals are a win-win-win situation for all involved. The clients are happy with their new employees, the temp workers are happy with their experience, and the staffing agency gets a bigger candidate pool for future placements.

In addition to these findings about referrals, it is also apparent that temporary workers are actively looking for recruiters, staffing agencies, and referrals. In fact, 23% of temporary workers said that they would contact a staffing agency and 36% said they would ask a friend or colleague for a referral. That's a notable amount of workers actively looking for work. With all of that talent on the hunt, wouldn't you want to pick the temp agency that had the biggest share of these active job seekers?

ICS is the agency you need to work with if you want the upper hand in the talent pool. Any time you need top tier talent, we'll have an abundance of candidates ready and willing to work for you because we do things right. We don't treat our candidates or our clients like numbers or robots, we take the time to personalize the experience and ensure a perfect fit. With that kind of extra care, it's no wonder why candidates and clients refer our staffing agency to others. When you're ready to find desirable talent from a desirable temp agency, contact us. 
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