Menon's Networking Roadmap Wins ACAMS Article of the Year

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Sanjeev Menon, a member of the ICS New York team, has won the ACAMS TODAY Article Of The Year for his piece, "The Networking Mindset."

The Magazine for Career-Minded Professionals in the Anti-Money Laundering Field

ACAMS Today is a publication for professionals in the financial crime prevention and detection sectors. The magazine works to keep members apprised of legislative updates, international developments, and special events within the field. Written by ACAMS members, the magazine also includes member benefits and educational programs.

Published in the December 2017 to February 2018 edition of the publication, Menon's article provides a detailed guide for those looking to improve their networking skills. While the piece is tailored to ACAMS, it can be beneficial in just about any networking instance.

A Networking Roadmap

Menon writes that creating and developing professional relationships correlates to increased job satisfaction. Although it may seem difficult for those who feel awkward or shy in networking situations, professional connections are essential to career-minded individuals. While social media platforms such as LinkedIn have made it easier for people to connect with other professionals, it has yet to replace the necessity of face-to-face interactions during the networking process.

To navigate what can sometimes be an uncomfortable situation, Menon suggests that intentions and purpose should be at the forefront of the networking process. Identifying specific goals for an event is essential in the preparation process. If you're attending the event, what would you like to take away? How can you make sure you achieve that?

In addition to setting these intentions, having a solid idea of a personal brand is important when walking into networking situations. Coming up with an elevator pitch about your background and passions can help make you not only interesting but memorable as well.

Other tips Menon shares include setting time goals of interaction for more introverted individuals and being ready with a list of unique questions to ask during a conversation at the event. The piece speaks to some of the best ways to take advantage of your time during a networking event and the top to-do's, days after the event is over. He even provides unique suggestions for first-timers in the networking world and for those who just fear the process as a whole. 

The First Step to a Networking Journey

The benefits of successful networking are quite varied, and there are plenty of ways to approach the subject. Menon's writing takes the position of understanding, encouraging, and supporting those stepping into networking events. He also successfully presents ways to bring networking into your skillset.

If you're interested in learning more about the award Menon received, click on this link here. Take a look at the article, 'The Networking Mindset', Menon worked on here