Is an SD-WAN the Right Next Move for your Cloud Strategy?

Posted by Jason Henninger on Jan 17, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) can help your business seamlessly improve productivity, accelerate your initiatives, and lower on-site WAN costs through its connectivity with the cloud. Office applications (like Google Suite, Microsoft 360, and many others) now mainly run in the cloud, hence the need for a WAN that’s suitable for cloud-native apps and can be implemented at scale to different sites or branches. This is where an SD-WAN comes in.

However, like any new technology, the first thing you do is thoroughly think if it’s something that would benefit you, and the pros and cons that come along with it. SD-WAN fits into a specific cloud strategy and achieves its full potential with the right approach. 

Yes, it can make great things happen for your business, but you have to look at your requirements for cloud strategy, check the available SD-WAN vendors in your region, and gauge the ever-evolving landscape of your fast-evolving market. 

Whether you are looking for a hybrid storage solution, cloud-first, or something in-between, there are reasons to consider SD-WAN. Below are three questions you may ask when deliberating if SD-WAN is right for your business. 

1. What are your connectivity needs?

SD-WAN might be appealing because it can increase your organization’s productivity and business agility while offering potential cost savings. However, you will want to make sure that your headquarters and branch employees can easily access the WAN and cloud services that run in it are user-friendly from the get-go. How will these cloud-based applications interact and flow with one another? Do you have sufficient bandwidth to prevent disruption?

2. Do you know all the available vendors?

The vastly growing SD-WAN market is packed with businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, not all SD-WAN vendors are created equally, and not all of them will fit in with your cloud strategy. The vendor you use for your other technology and network services may not work for SD-WAN purposes, which is why it pays to invest in investigating the list of vendors out there in the market. 

3. How will your data be protected?

While optimizing workflow through the cloud can be exciting, data protection should not be overlooked. It must be addressed earlier in the process rather than later. When looking for SD-WAN solutions with a vendor, ask whether their SD-WAN solution supports security or if you would need to make adjustments later on. Always be sure to make security decisions based on your business needs. 

Is SD-WAN right for you?

Your company will have different answers to these questions based on your overall business needs and strategies. With all office and business applications running in the cloud, now is the right time to make fully formed decisions about your cloud strategy and the options you have in choosing what solution is right for you. 

Take note that SD-WAN is not a strategy that does all of the work. You will still need to attend to administrative duties that include managing policies, preventing overpayment for services, and more. 

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