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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Apr 26, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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ICS participated in EisnerAmper’s blockchain and cryptocurrency panel on Feb 23 at the New York headquarters. Partner Alan Frank moderated the panel, which consisted of Brian Aruajo, Angel Lorente, Stephen Bielecki, and Sanjeev Menon. One of our Senior Managers, Sanjeev, had plenty of knowledge and first-hand experience to add as a panelist. He’s seen plenty of instances where blockchain and cryptocurrency skills have been in demand. 
Each panelist used their industries to bring something new to the discussion. The three main takeaways were:
  1. Blockchain isn’t going anywhere, and it is a key piece of p2p transaction technology. 
  2. The technology will not lose its controversial edge any time soon as it competes for the currency market and firms up its credibility in p2p transactions when it comes to the exchange of goods and services.
  3. Competition, theft, and regulatory concerns may stunt the growth of cryptocurrency, especially when it comes to market valuations and regulatory practices.
During the panel, Angel covered the basics of blockchain, including the history and demand. He showcased the ability of cryptocurrency to be used as a seamless way to exchange goods and services via blockchain technology, thus cementing it in the peer-to-peer market. Angel also explained the cryptocurrency markets regarding competition and international interest.  
Stephen took us down a different road, covering the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology contractual agreements. He brought up the concerns over regulations and valuations. Bringing up the SEC’s position, he touched upon ICOs being regulated much like IPO’s in the future. Both are already very similar, and he sees things trending the same way. 
Brian used his expertise to talk about the risk and reward relationship when dealing with cryptocurrencies. He stressed that this particular form of technology was a high-risk and-high reward relationship. He shared in many of the concerns that the other panelists had previously addressed, thus the high risk.
Sanjeev was able to bring a staffing perspective by talking about the demand for talent. He made it clear that there is an increasing demand for employees that have blockchain and cryptocurrency skills and knowledge. Companies want in on this technology, and they want the talent to execute it. With this emerging technology, there are plenty of new jobs being created across verticals.
ICS was honored to be a part of this panel of experts. EisnerAmper’s panels are always filled with some of the best and brightest in the industry and add such value to the attendee's experience. Everyone walked away with a bit more understanding of where this new technology is going and how to approach it. 
If you’re having trouble with your journey into blockchain or cryptocurrency, call ICS. We have plenty of insight into the market and can help you find the talent you need to make your strategy a reality. Click below to find out more about how we can help.
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