How to Hire Amazing People

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 16, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Finding and hiring the perfect candidate isn't easy. While there's no ideal formula for on-boarding great talent, incorporating multiple strategies into your hiring rules and practices can actually serve as a take-off point for a valuable hiring framework. To help you get started, here are some of the proven ways for thoroughly evaluating applicants, uncovering top talent, and hiring fantastic workers who will enable your company to thrive.

Have an Open Mind

Even if a role has a checklist of requirements, be willing to interview applicants who don't meet the exact list. While they may not fit perfectly in a few areas, their other skills may overcome any weaknesses. Always maintain an open mind, especially about non-traditional work histories. Many of today's emerging leaders have followed a non-traditional career path that uniquely equipped them to lead businesses. However, if you'll use this strategy, make sure that candidates have proof of overcoming any knowledge or skill gap. You should also check whether your team can offer training, resources, and guidance to fill the gaps.

Value Potential

Although you may be searching for candidates who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed from day one, don't discount candidates who show the potential for growth. If you've encountered a passionate candidate who loves learning, consider harnessing their can-do attitude. While it may be time-consuming in the early days, they have great potential to develop into one of your best hires in the future.

Watch for Progress

For roles above entry-level, carefully look into the candidates' record of progress and growth. When you recruit leader-level talent, take note of whether they have consistently progressed in their career. If they haven't done so, then they might not be the exact fit as they are not prepared yet for new levels of leadership. Ask questions about a candidate's responsibilities, achievements, and accomplishments, and how they contributed to company success before. See whether they mention measurable, tangible outcomes. Top candidates should be able to recount their professional milestones with clarity and confidence. This also shows how committed they are to the projects they handled and that they really played significant roles.

Use On-the-Spot Assessments

Along with looking at their past work and accomplishments, you can also consider using an on-the-spot assessment to test potential employees. These tests do a great job of quickly uncovering the core of a person's leadership style, approach to work, and attitude towards their job. You can also get a glimpse of how they may act around peers, which will help you determine if they're a cultural fit for your office.

Include Deeper Questions

Behavioral-based interview questions can help you probe the candidate further about the details in their resume. With this type of question, you can determine the impact and influence a candidate may have if they will join your company. For example, you can ask what challenges a candidate faced while achieving various goals and what they learned through the process. If a candidate answers vaguely, chances are they have only played a side role instead of taking hands-on responsibilities during the project.

Go Outside Your Talent Pool

Finally, be flexible in expanding your search for employees outside of your talent pool. Even if you operate in a niche industry, try to look for candidates who didn't come from a similar background. Diverse voices and perspectives can be beneficial for your growth. Plus, these new voices may help you learn new ways to interact and collaborate with your colleagues and clients.


Whether you've already developed best practices or need help in searching for top talents, consider contacting Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS). We are committed to discovering amazing people who will help businesses achieve their goals and enjoy long-term success. Through expert insights and knowledge, ICS is uniquely equipped to partner with you in finding and hiring new employees.

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