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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Dec 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Organizations of any size, in any industry, can benefit from some end-of-year human resources planning. Preparing a hiring calendar for 2018 can help with strategic budgeting and decision-making across the organization.

Follow these tips to streamline your hiring for the remainder of 2017 and to start 2018 with a well-thought-out plan in place:

Consider Each Department's Needs

Human resources planning and budgeting starts with reviewing each individual division's or department's business plans, goals and staffing need forecasts. In an ideal world, your company's plan would simply include all of the open positions identified by business line leaders. Of course, in the real world, those needs and wants will have to be prioritized.

Consider inter-departmental dependencies, anticipated retirements and leaves, and industry or regulatory changes that could impact hiring in certain fields or roles. 

Include Industry Events 

If your organization relies on entry-level workers, your 2018 hiring plan should include attending college recruiting events and possibly creating or expanding internship programs.

Having a presence at community and industry job fairs can help sow the seeds with more experienced candidates, and attending industry conferences and events can help put you in front of potential new hires who have specific skill-sets and certifications. 

Examine - and Refine - How You Hire Employees

The end of the year is an ideal time to take a close look at your hiring practices in a macro sense. What do potential candidates see when they go to the "careers" section of your company's website? Is that option mobile-friendly, and is the application process intuitive and user-friendly?

If your company offers an employee referral bonus, review how successful (or unsuccessful) that program has been. If it hasn't delivered the results you expected, it may be time to refine or scrap it entirely. 

Take a critical look at the hiring practice, step-by-step, from your perspective as the employer, and from the candidate's perspective. Are there unnecessary delays in the process? Are steps standardized, documented and repeatable? Are communications clear and in compliance with hiring practices and laws? 

Use what is often a slower period at the end of the year to refine and tweak your hiring practices and processes. 

Plan for the Unplanned

Finally, remember that at the end of the day, the best plan is simply a plan. Unforeseen events and hurdles may require mid-year shifts in hiring strategy. 

Your plan should be flexible enough to accommodate and adapt to situations like resignations without notice, multiple departures, economic challenges requiring layoffs, and other scenarios. While it's not necessary to have in-depth procedures for each such eventuality, at least acknowledging the possibilities can help you craft a hiring and human resources plan that can change as your organization's needs change.

Include ICS in Your 2018 HR Planning

When you are ready to put your hiring plan into action, count on Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS) to help you meet your hiring needs. ICS is a leading staffing agency helping organizations of all sizes fill accounting and finance, compliance and legal, information technology, and corporate support positions. 

Whether you want permanent placement, contract placement or temporary-to-permanent workers, ICS can help. We also offer employer-of-record payroll services, to help protect companies from the risks that can come from misclassifying contract or temporary workers. When you choose to work with ICS, you can be confident knowing you don't need to worry about the busy work that can come with filling open positions. We take the time to fully understand what our employer clients' needs and goals are, and we source and pre-screen candidates for you. Then, we meet with each potential candidate personally to make sure the potential new hires we send your way meet your qualification requirements - and your expectations. 

ICS has offices in eight major cities across the United States: New York, Washington, D.C., Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, and Denver. To learn more about how we can help you meet your 2018 hiring needs, contact us today. 

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