Employees May Need More Training in DFW's Job Market

Posted by Stephanie Quiros on Aug 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Companies hiring in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area are finding that new employees require more skills training.

The Need for More Training

Most of them tend to hire candidates that may not fill all the requirements of an open position. Whether the company is local or international, small or large, employers have to help hone candidates' skills with more on-the-job training for specific roles. And with DFW's unemployment rate just below 4% over the last 14 months, a lot of companies are only getting by just from simply having enough employees.

The perfect example of this can be seen in both Raytheon and Lockheed Martin Corporation, two of DFW's largest defense contractors. Both companies have massively increased hiring, announcing in 2018 that they planned to hire upwards of 400 employees each. Of course, the sudden job growth has created a shortage, not just in number of manpower supplies but also in skills, affecting workers of all levels.

Focusing on Mindset and Skills Development 

But Raytheon and Lockheed Martin Corporation aren't the only large companies hiring in the area. Amazon, too, is hiring in the challenging job market, but in doing so, tries to maintain a positive, curiosity-based hiring process. In finding the right candidates for a given position, Amazon works to get passed an individual's accomplishments, focusing more on their problem-solving skills.

Additionally, the company looks for candidates who are excited and passionate about the opportunity to design new products and services. It also has a training program that allows fulfillment and shipping workers to learn about IT support. The program helps create and sustain a trained pool of employees that may move into the technical positions that their warehouses need.

Learning By Experience

M-Files, a DFW-based tech company, is yet another that focuses on passion in their employees. Though the company, which specializes in information management, is the one that needs employees with a specific technical aptitude, creativity remains key throughout the hiring process.

After planning to hire over 50 people at their headquarters this year, M-Files faced the reality that top candidates have tons of options—and with the economy's strength, the company's regular hiring process just wasn't working. But by adjusting their traditional hiring methods, such as working with outside recruiters and increasing the employee referral rate, M-Files was able to hire 15 new employees in the first quarter of the year. Still, it hasn't been easy to find qualified applicants who fully meet the job description.

To address this, M-Files had to significantly fortify their employee training process. The company has started using a mentorship program to help speed things along, in which more experienced employees are paired with those that need to work on their technical skills. Weekly lunch-and-learns are used to bring in speakers or dive into specific technical topics, furthering the learning process. Through these programs, the company has learned that the majority of their employees learn through experience.

Meeting the Right Candidate at the Onset

Of course, it may not always be feasible to implement extensive training programs, especially given how much time may be needed to bring an employee up to speed. However, recruiting services can be of great help when it comes to finding the right talent that can both fill positions and minimize the need for additional training.

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