Digital Revolution Talent Gaps

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on May 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM

In ICS insights, hiring trends

The industrial revolution was a big part of our history.  It affected so many things that we are familiar with today, but there is a new revolution in our midst. Make way for the effects of the modern digital revolution. You've probably already seen the benefits of boosted performance and efficiency. This is great news for businesses trying to gain an upper hand, but there is a disconnect on the track to success: a future skills gap.  

This new future has companies reconsidering how they source and develop their IT talent. Now that technology is present in every part of organizational behavior, IT companies offering software are seeing a surge in demand. Digital jobs will increase by 500% by the time 2018 rolls around.  That diminishes business process jobs by 50%. In the United States alone, 60 million people are jobless due to lack of digital skills.  This is truly unacceptable and offers a scary future for the tech industry. 

Technology will continue to grow regardless of the readiness of companies. If employers cannot keep up with the transformation, they will suffer in the end and fall behind their competition. Employees need to be ready and willing to train for a skill set that is constantly changing. The supply of IT will only grow as time goes on and you need to be ready for anything that comes with that demand. Keep in mind the following recommendations for you and your staff:   

Keep Striving To Be Better

Development and learning must be an ever-present part of your strategy if you wish to ever keep up with the changes in IT. Always look to enhance your company and its employees whenever possible. College degrees don't develop the skills you'll need, so it's important that you look for a candidate with skills that build careers. If your employees ever stop learning, that will be the end of the business and their careers. A company like that will never survive in this digital transformation era. It doesn't even need to be on you to be the one to teach your employees. Empower them to develop themselves and each other by implementing framework, tools, and autonomy. It will benefit you in the short and long term to do so.

Sustainable Strategies Win Every Time

Corporate development strategies are the key to engaging your workers. They need to be engaged in order to learn about this new world of constant improvement. Focus on the five "C's" if you want a winning strategy: 

Complimentary- Make sure you aren't just concentrating on one skill set. Your technical, behavioral, and functional skills should all mesh well and complement each other for optimum performance. 

Concurrent- All of the digital skill sets should be considered at the same time. Don't let others lag behind. 

Contextualized- Skill sets should be seen within context. The context can make all the difference when using a skill set. A mastery of all skill groups in distinct contexts is desired above all. 

Collaboration- Be prepared to change your teaching process and what you teach. With change running rampant in the tech industry, your teaching should reflect that. Keep in mind that different people learn differently as well, so make sure you are engaging all learners.  

Continuous- Digital tools are always evolving and updating regularly. The consequence of this is continuous learning. Be prepared to go back in to teach when new updates are needed.   

Remember that all business aspects are affected by this new digital transformation.  This could affect your company regardless of the industry at some point. You'll need a team fueled by agility, innovation, flexibility, and growth. One of the most important updates of all is cyber security and it's one that you can't afford to be behind on, especially if you're a software outsourcing company. It's great to think long term, but what is your short term goal now? 

What Can You Do Right Now 

Software outsourcing companies may be burned in the process of adapting if not done right.  It must be a practice that is implemented by all. The strategy should also be uniform and updated regularly as the industry changes. Your head may be reeling from an information overload, but in the meantime, check your staff to make sure you have all you need for your current demand. 

If you're already suffering from a skills gap, find talent now with ICS.  We can help you find the candidates with the skills you need to compete with the best. We have the access to the best and brightest and we add that extra touch of collaboration to get you where you need to be.  Start getting ahead today!