Data Scientist Demand Expected to Explode by 2020

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Feb 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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IBM is a respectable company and has been in the industry for decades. People look to their lead when it comes to hiring decisions. IBM has made some predictions related to the job market for a data scientist that could yield important details related to the future of these helpful individuals. Staffing decisions may also revolve around IBM's latest predictions that were issued. They have mentioned some dramatic findings according to their own data. Data scientist positions are being mentioned in several corners of the market.

Take a look at the annual demand for data scientist positions and related jobs. It is already a considerable figure that is being touted as the future of tech jobs. IBM thinks that annual demand for data scientist candidates will rise to 700,000 by 2020. That is a significant portion of the workforce that is being discussed. Students will want to major in a related field while they are still in college. This could put them in line to receive a great new job in the future. College-aged students are often savvy about which major they want to choose because it can give them the right set of tools that they need to advance in the field.

What To Expect In The Future

Candidates will look forward to a rapid increase in the number of positions. By 2020, data scientist openings may number at around 2,720,000 in related fields. That opens up an incredible array of jobs for those willing to work hard. They are in demand and expected to accommodate the needs of a data scientist. High profile businesses want to secure top talent that they can promote as needed. Candidates will find themselves welcome in any number of businesses in their area. A data scientist is being touted as a leader in a brand new field. Staffing decisions could also be affected by the rapid rise of these professions. A change in leadership could have far-reaching implications for anyone in the office. Expect new opportunities to emerge in the field and for people to be more successful overall too.

Big Data Is A Big Challenge

IBM has noted the rise of data within decision-making chains in offices. Their own corporate offices are noted for using data to make decisions. The data scientist will be charged with following routine steps in that process. Big data refers to a significant trend in the marketplace. People now use data to drive the decision-making process in most settings. It takes a keen individual to stay updated on big data in the market. Staffing decisions may need to change within many major organizations. IBM recommends following current trends and taking the big picture into consideration. The data scientist will want to stay current with the selection of options made available to them. There are sure to be big challenges that face companies in the future. They have to adapt to compete with rivals within their particular sector.

Get The Right Education

An estimated 39% of data scientist jobs require a graduate education for candidates. That means they will need to obtain a Master's Degree or Ph.D. in a related field. Those graduate programs can train people to become better in their field. It also gives students ties to others within a chosen scientific discipline. Graduate students often take their studies very seriously as a matter of fact. That kind of education can give them the upper hand during the hiring process. These students may hold a degree from a reputable institution. IBM recognizes that and may hire a data scientist from a prestigious institution. Formalized training will give a data scientist a specific skill set that they need. Major research institutions know how to provide formalized training to students. They understand data very well and want to help their students find success in the world.

Timeframe For Staffing

Each position requires the right professional who can do the job. The analytics manager is a coveted position and one that demands a lot of responsibility. It takes an estimated 59 days to hire for the analytics manager role. That makes the position one of the most challenging to hire for over time. Big businesses will need to scope out prospective candidates and do their part for the hiring phase. There are many qualified data scientist candidates that are waiting to be hired. They want to do their part and work within these organizations too. It is possible for a data scientist to be promoted to a higher position. They can fill in for the analytics manager, which provides a solution to the problem.

Observers know that the data scientist position is one of the fastest growing in the industry. People hope to see that translate to success all around for those involved. Staffing experts can bring aboard qualified individuals with a great educational background. Employers will pay premium salaries for the talented individuals waiting for the job. It could be the perfect match that both parties want to see happen. Openings will be listed through different sources, along with vital information too. Take a look at the salaries being extended to candidates in these new jobs.

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