Dallas Climbs the Tech Salary Ladder

Posted by Stephanie Quiros on Jul 31, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Tech professionals looking for new jobs don't have to look further away from Dallas. According to a 2017 to 2018 data analysis shared on, Dallas ranked 9th out of the top 100 metro areas that offer high tech salaries in the US.

Compared with tech workers in the largest US cities, Dallas tech workers bring in an average annual salary of $98,000, an amount that's up by 4.63% from 2017. With no state tax, too, this flourishing Texas city provides a more excellent opportunity for tech employees to stretch their income. 

Meanwhile, California, Washington, and New York ranked as the top three metros with the highest tech salaries in the US in 2018.

Big Salaries, Big Leaps

The study showed that Dallas's average salary is lower than $100,000+ compared to other top cities. Even though that's the case, Dallas's 4.63% salary increase rate had a more significant leap than those in other cities. Beyond its affordable cost of living, Dallas now becomes an ideal city for career growth. It's foreseen to continue climbing up the ladder of being a hot spot for tech workers. 

Dallas isn't the only major metropolis where salaries became lucrative for tech workers. Wages for employees within the tech industry also soared in nearly 80% of big cities. The other significant salary spike in Texas was in El Paso, where salaries increased by 11.09%. On the other hand, wages decreased in other Texas areas, including Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Driving the Increase in Dallas

Several companies in Dallas are looking for workers who understand how to navigate the latest advances in technology. Dallas is working hard to woo Uber Technologies as the company looks for a new expansion location. If Uber Technologies chooses Dallas, thousands of new tech-related jobs would be created, further driving the demand for tech-savvy talent.

The in-demand and highest-paying careers in Dallas are in cybersecurity, cloud security, cloud architecture and computing, and wireless network management. These skills are also in high demand in other parts of the US as businesses of all sizes work to strengthen their network and data security. 

While Dallas recently lost out on getting Amazon's second headquarters deal, nearby Texas suburbs have become home to notable companies. Toyota and Texas Instruments have dedicated efforts to expand their operations into Plano and Richardson, respectively, hence creating new job opportunities throughout Texas. 

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