Could Your Next Tech Job be in Columbus?

Posted by Hannah Day on Aug 7, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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If you're searching for your next job in the tech industry, here's one place you don't want to overlook: Columbus, Ohio. In 2018, SmartAsset released its fifth annual study of the best cities to work in tech, citing Columbus as number one, with tech workers comprising 4.24% of its total workforce.

Why Should I Consider a Tech Job in Columbus?

  • It boasts of vibrant art, music, and culinary scenes. One of the many things you might not know about Columbus is it's home to a lot of artists. Its emerging art, music, and culinary scenes are just a few reasons why tech professionals are attracted to this city. In a place like this with no dull moment, life can't be all work and no play.
  • Living there won't break your bank. Although it's a big city, the cost of living in Columbus is significantly less than in other large cities like New York or Chicago. On average, living there is about 10% cheaper than the rest of the US. With low living costs and a take-home salary of $91,100 for an average tech worker, it just makes sense financially for tech professionals to consider working in this city.
  • The unemployment rate is relatively low. SmartAsset's study reported that the unemployment rate in Columbus is only 2.57%. Compared to the national unemployment rate of 3.7%, Columbus makes an appealing location for tech workers with its available job opportunities at an all-time high. Most especially now that this city's tech industry is growing, professionals in this area too are becoming in-demand.
  • More tech workers, especially senior-level ones, are highly sought after. If you already gained a lot of experience in tech, then a job in Columbus is for you. Tech companies in this city are interested in hiring individuals who have accumulated expertise from years of exposure in the field. They want individuals who can hit the ground running—people who can work with minimal to no supervision and efficiently bring solutions and new technology to the market.

How Are Tech Companies in Columbus Attracting Top Talent?

  • They are improving their company culture. Tech companies in Columbus are working hard to attract top candidates by providing excellent work-life balance. They are now implementing more employee engagement events, open-door policies, and flexible work schedules. Being in an exciting city to work and live in just becomes a bonus.
  • They are recognized as the best companies to work for. Four Columbus companies ranked on Inc. Magazine's 346 Best Places to Work list. With companies there living the thought of "work-life balance," Columbus has gathered continuous high rankings and accolades in the past years. When it comes to being an ideal place to work in, this city is something to watch out for. 
  • They strive for employees' fulfillment. In Columbus, tech companies are placing a stronger focus on employee's well-being rather than solely focusing on numbers. Although the environment can be competitive and stressful at times, employers in this city's tech industry help employees find a sense of purpose and balance in their careers. Their aim is for employees to leave work every day, knowing that they made a difference in helping the company move forward.

Sometimes, you may feel like what you do doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. You may even wonder if you're making an impact on your industry. But if you're in a place were talent and hard work are rewarded with both monetary and non-monetary benefits, you know you're in good hands. So, if you're looking for a job, especially in tech, try out Columbus. Let ICS help guide your search by clicking below to find your perfect fit today.

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