New Tax Bill Impact on Contractors

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Independent contractors make up a significant portion of the total economy.  The latest tax bill is expected to affect them in various ways overall.  These sole proprietors need to brush up on the tax laws to understand some changes.  Critics worry that the new tax bill will be overly complex and dissuade people from starting new businesses.  These tax laws will be merged with the existing books on taxation overall.  It could change the way that people view short-term gigs and other opportunities in the workforce.  Independent contractors want to stay current with the tax laws put into effect.

Provisions Extended By The Tax Bill

The new tax bill allows greater flexibility for the everyday independent contractor to file.  There is a top line provision that allows the sole proprietor to deduct 20% from their income tax.  Those changes will provide some tax relief for independent contractors across the country.  They will need to file on time and using updated tax forms to receive that tax bonus.  The provision is seen as a boon to people who want to continue their way of living.  People still work gigs for a living in many places across the country.  The new tax bill could help them save a lot when they file.  That legislation has been debated, but these changes should be the norm in the future.

Other Changes By The Legislation

Observers expect other changes to go in to effect after the tax bill.  The law should prevent abuses of the tax law in several important ways.  Provisions in the tax bill work to minimize abuses that could happen in any case.  Independent contractors should read the new legislation and learn a little about what it means.  Think about the deductions that the tax bill will offer to sole proprietors.  A new provision enables them to create pass-through business entities for their tax forms.  That makes room for even more tax deductions when these independent contractors file.  People have responded positively based on initial impressions of the new tax bill.

Long-Term Effects To Expect

The tax bill was heavily debated and criticized on its way towards being passed.  But there are positive effects to expect when the legislation is introduced.  People hope that the tax bill will encourage people to become wage earners.  It will provide more opportunity and reason for people to join as independent contractors.  The tax bill recognizes that gigs and other side jobs are a part of the economy.  That is welcome news for a group of people in the country.  These independent contractors represent a major segment of the American workforce.  Tax preparers also expect many more returns, since independent contractors will be brought in to the fold.  In short, the law will incentivize people to become independent contractors with their skills.

Facets Of The Law To Understand

Small companies and independent contractors stand to benefit from the law once it is passed.  But they need to understand certain provisions that will directly affect them.  The law includes provisions that describe service based or reputation based entities.  That typically includes small companies and independent contractors in the market.  These individuals offer their services and reap the rewards as a result.  That does not include labor-based income, which is a staple feature of large corporations.  Critics deride the one-sided nature of the tax bill as it stands now.  But independent contractors have been waiting for that kind of break themselves.  They see the new tax bill as a welcome change to the routine.

Complications To Expect

There are ways that the tax law could complicate matters for many people.  Some independent contractors and gig workers remain uncertain about where they stand.  The new tax bill may not properly classify all income earners across the country.  That could leave many without direction when they go to file their taxes. Work with a tax preparation team to understand more about the law.  They are a great resource and could prove to be a valuable asset over time.

Long-Term Concerns

Many observers worry that there are long-term consequences to expect.  The new tax bill was hurried and might not contain everything that people need.  That rushed content could leave many independent contractors without support.  These gig workers play an essential role in the American economy, and the fact that they are being recognized is an important step to take.  Ultimately, this tax bill signals changes to the way independent contractors are seen.

Take Advantage

This new tax bill has set up a big win for contractors. It's only natural that you'd want to jump on this victory as soon as possible. You can apply to any of our contractor jobs to start reaping the benefits of independent contract work. Just click below to find the job that meets your standards and take a step towards a bright new successful career.

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