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Posted by Gabrielle Bodo on Nov 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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The Midwest was once a place where businesses flourished and where workers wanted to live. Unfortunately, in the '80s, many of the industries that created so much prosperity lost their way and left behind workers and empty factories.

It seemed as though the region would never recover. But now, its economy is starting to do well. Thanks to new industries that are moving into Midwestern cities like Columbus and giving the region and its citizens more opportunities faster than before.

What's Happening In Columbus?

The Columbus tech industry is flourishing nowadays. In fact, a few startups in the Columbus area have achieved the unicorn status with a net worth of over $1 billion. Along with tech startups, existing businesses like Wendy's and Nationwide Insurance are integrating tech to its headquarter operations, which have a comfortable home in Columbus for several years. The federal government has also noticed what's happening in Columbus and rewarded the city with $40 million to model the traits of a Smart City.

What Separates the Columbus Tech Industry from Other Cities?

Columbus is a top tech city in the Midwest for several reasons. The tech jobs in Columbus have created a favorable situation that covers:

  • A large percentage of residents working in tech
  • A high average salary in tech
  • A high average salary in tech compared to other industries
  • A low unemployment rate
  • An affordable cost of living
  • A highly rated Big 10 university

While the Columbus tech industry as a whole is booming, there are a few jobs that are more in demand than others. So if you're looking for a new tech job in Columbus, below are the ones to explore. Many of the currently in-demand jobs require advanced degrees in various science, technology, or math programs.

Software Developers

This job involves creating applications that can be used on all types of technology — from smartphones and laptops to vehicles and manufacturing machines. With the significant role it plays in today's digital world, it's not surprising that this job grew in Central Ohio by 62% from 2009 to 2019. Monthly job postings on this role are at 2,820 on the average, with big companies like Oracle, American Express, and more posting the most openings this past year.

To stand out as a software developer in Columbus, a master's degree in Computer Science is helpful. It is also wise to be at the forefront of app development in various industries.

Web Developers

A web developer designs and builds websites. Not only do they get involved in choosing the site's appearance, but they also develop the operations and management aspects of it. This is an important job for any business because a website is the public face of a company. Many customers visit websites before they visit brick-and-mortar businesses. In Columbus, the job grew by 56% in 10 years. Most of the recent job posts came from The Ohio State University, IBM, and other big companies at 964 monthly on average.

Apart from the above points, web developers also need to consider that the websites they create have to be user-friendly and intuitive. So, businesses that hire web developers look for someone who has more than just technical skills. Employers want people who can solve problems and think critically. They want people who can lead teams to find solutions. Innovative thinking is also deemed important in a potential candidate.

Information Security Analysts

As the tech industry continues to grow around Columbus, security continues to be a concern, hence the need for information security analysts. These professionals design protocols to protect networks in businesses and organizations of all sizes. Cyberattacks are on the rise, so cybersecurity experts are needed to prevent the attacks from succeeding. It's no surprise why the job grew by a whopping 114% in Columbus in just a decade. However, recently, only 460 jobs are posted monthly on average, mostly coming from JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, and some big companies as well.

Candidates for this position need to be adept at spotting the weaknesses in a system and develop ways to reduce or eliminate those weaknesses. Universities understand the importance of this job, so they have developed master's degree programs that interested individuals can take to level up their careers. They can teach how to protect cyber networks through thorough testing and verifying systems and other in-depth cybersecurity courses.

Operations Research Analysts

In the tech industry, analysts of all types are important because of their complex problem-solving capabilities. They can figure out ways to improve the efficiency of tech systems. An operations research analyst looks at how to use data to improve the way that business is done.

The best operation research analysts understand advanced math so that they can detect weaknesses in computer systems. They look for solutions for decision-makers, so they can make business decisions that improve the bottom line. With this business and strategy relevance, the job had an 86% growth from 2009 to 2019 in Columbus. But in the past year, only 129 jobs are posted monthly on average, where most are from Anthem, L Brands, and others.

An operations research analyst should have a strong grasp of advanced math and data analytics, so to set themselves apart from others, it's recommended to take master's degrees in data analytics, business analytics, or mathematics.

Information System Managers

IT managers work closely with computer-related activities in businesses and organizations. They plan and execute decisions about systems and networks, and they work closely with the employees who keep those systems functioning properly.

Today's IT managers need a good understanding of cloud computing, as many businesses have moved from in-house storage to cloud services. Many IT employees find that they have to update their certifications as the computer industry constantly changes. Demands in the Columbus tech industry are also high this past year, with 428 jobs posted monthly on average, where the influx comes from Nationwide Insurance, PwC, and other big companies. The job has also grown by 33% in the past decade.

And like the other careers on this list, IT managers should have a master's degree in information technology. This degree gives candidates more credentials to their skills, which employers like to see.

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