Columbus Ranks as a Number One Hiring City for 2020

Posted by Gabrielle Bodo on Jan 3, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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This coming new year, searching for new jobs in 2020 may be a resolution you’d like to work toward. The trick, however, is knowing exactly where to begin your job search. Despite the 50-year record low unemployment rate of 3.5%, some job seekers may still find themselves hitting a wall — don’t let this happen to you as you search for jobs in 2020. If you live in the area or are open to relocation, it’s good to know that Columbus’ job outlook is certainly positive for next year.

Columbus’ job outlook for 2020 is looking up.

Deemed as the number one metro area for hiring in the Midwest and number two in the nation, Columbus has become one place job seekers shouldn’t overlook. In fact, Columbus’ job outlook of 33% makes it a prime area for job seekers to consider, especially as they search for jobs in 2020.

Columbus is home to some of the most popular job sectors in 2020.

Currently, 18% of Columbus’ population works in professional and business services, making those the most popular sectors for employment in the city. Columbus is also home to some of the area’s largest employers, including JPMorgan Chase and Nationwide.

With so many possibilities for employment, including large corporations on the hunt for top talent, candidates everywhere should consider putting Columbus-based companies and organizations on their list of possible employers.

Columbus is also a great city for startups and career development.

Known as a hub for both large and small companies, the possibilities for employment and career development in Columbus are plentiful. Small business and entrepreneur development programs, such as the Accelerate Columbus and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative, have contributed to the city being named one of Kauffman Foundation’s top metropolitans for startups for three consecutive years.

Here are a few other places to consider when searching for jobs in 2020.

Still looking for more options? Here are a few other places that made it to the list as top hiring cities for jobs in 2020:

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee. Boasting an employment outlook of 34% and topping other cities across the nation, Chattanooga is home to a booming leisure and hospitality sector that contributes $1 billion to the local economy. In the coming year, eight new hotels are set to open in the area and will likely be looking to hire.
  • Cape Coral and Deltona, Florida. Both Cape Coral and Deltona have a 31% employment outlook. Given the retail-driven economy throughout the state, a little more than 15% of residents in each city work in the retail trade industry. In this area, job seekers can expect to see hiring in retail and wholesale trade — another industry that employs many residents.

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