Big Tech is Having its Moment in Northern Virginia

Posted by Bob Hickey on Dec 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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The big tech industry in Northern Virginia is capitalizing on the West Coast's staffing slowdown for its ever-growing job market. Companies are increasingly having trouble in finding enough candidates with the right skills, particularly for cloud computing and cybersecurity roles. More and more startup companies are choosing Northern Virginia over the West Coast for their headquarters due to its proximity to federal agencies and the rising tech talent in the area.

Federal Agency Impact

Since way back, Northern Virginia has already been receiving contracts from federal agencies for technology advancement projects. The need for cloud computing and cybersecurity specialists then followed as the government puts a high priority on computer intelligence and protecting the public's personal information.

With all the opportunities residing there, locations near federal agencies are now luring more tech firms to operate in Northern Virginia. Currently, the area has a 37% share of government technology contracts, and this share is expected to grow as agencies continue to prioritize diverse technology needs.

The Right Talent Pool, Growing Workforce

With 60 higher education institutions in the area, big tech companies in Northern Virginia have no shortage of top talent. The area is filled with a knowledgeable and diversified talent pool, which offers companies a variety of candidates to choose from. With hungry, highly skilled graduates available, big tech companies in Northern Virginia looking for specialized talent will need to look no further.

As quickly as Northern Virginia is growing now, the growth doesn't seem to end. The state is already occupying around 70% of the 28 million square feet office space available within the D.C.-Maryland-Northern Virginia area. Looking toward the future, it's estimated that 73% of the state's occupancy gains will come from tech.

Sourcing With ICS

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