Big Retail Hiring Changes In Store

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on May 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Retail is hurting. Businesses like Amazon are proving to be impressive competitors and brick-and-mortar stores are failing to keep up. Without the proper actions, more stores will have to close their doors. Altering their operations to their online consumers and embracing omnichannel retailing are two great prescriptions for what is ailing retail. The efforts should result in more personalization, greater customer service, increased shopper interaction, and smoother operations. When these changes roll out, retailers will need the staff to execute them properly, requiring hiring to change as well. The following are the positions you should be staffing for if you're in the retail industry:

Customer Experience Leaders

There are many different levels to these positions, including C-suite executive, mid-level manager, and all of the supporting roles. One major role is Chief Customer Officer. The retailers need someone to streamline and manage their transition to omnichannel retailing. They must be capable of aligning strategy, processes, and technology to meet the consumers' changing needs. Companies are starting to rethink their internal processes and as a result, are become more synchronized and dependent on each other.

Big Data People

Data-driven minds aren't exclusively popular in the technology industry. Talent that is analytically minded is in high demand and the trend should follow in the retail industry. Positions like Director of Customer Analytics will become a popular staffing role in big retailers with lots of data. Customers will be sifted through for data that can benefit the company and help to find areas that could use a bit of work. The journey of a customer is a great place for retailers to look when they want to find out what they are doing wrong and right, as well as where money needs to be invested. Outside of the organization, there is also data to find in the industry. Consumer trends and spending patterns can be just as valuable as your own clientele. Just having this data isn't enought though.  You're going to need people who can understand and utilize the data in a way that makes your company thrive. Don't forget that data can be found in almost every part of your business, so make the most of it. 

Tech Savvy Types

More online buying means more online professionals to help make the experience run smoothly. IT workers, software developers, and tech-capable employees are important for moving the focus of marketing and sales over to social media and digital channels. Different resources will be demanded in your online assets and even your brick-and-mortar store experience. Social media can be a hit or miss if you don't have professionals in your company that understand the impact of their posting. Knowing how and what to post online should be left to the professionals who specialize in social and digital channels. It should be separate from your other marketing efforts because it garners a different audience with a different motivation to buy. Utilizing those differences can be crucial to the bottom line.

Modern Workers With An Old-school Customer Service Skillset

You essentially need a jack-of-all-trades in your stores to accomodate for any consumer that may enter your door.  This is especially true for omnichannel stores because the consumer has more places to interact with your brand. The experience should be uniform throughout their purchasing journey. The employees that the consumers have contact with in the store should be able to cater to those who favor tech experiences, but also be able to help those that prefer an old-fashioned sales approach to customer service. A company cannot have just one or the other because all shoppers have a different way of approaching the buying process. The employees need to be trained for everything and not assume that everyone wants the same experience. No matter what, customer service will always be king in retail. 

Hire To Your Needs

You may be anywhere in this process of keeping up with the latest trends and technology so some of this could already be in place. For staffing those talent gaps, consider working with a recruiter that knows the candidates that make sense for your consumer's needs. Whether it's internally or on the showroom floor, there will need to be updates to the talent you source. Go on and take an assessment of your companies strengths and weaknesses. We'll be here for you when you need to take that next step and hire accordingly. 
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