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Changing Jobs Doesn't Need to be Scary

At one point or another, everyone has experienced the stress and anxiety that may come along with making a job switch. In fact, during those first few days at your new company, you may find your mind becoming flooded with excitement, fear, anticipation, and even doubt. However, don't you worry as going through this range of emotions is completely normal and tends to be no cause for concern. 

While you may be feeling overwhelmed after starting a new job, it's important to know that, along with some goal-setting, dedication, and hard work, changing jobs doesn't have to be scary. Here are some helpful pointers you should keep in mind amid your job switch and beyond.  

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5 Resume Mistakes A Google Exec Constantly Sees

You've finally decided that it's time for a job search. Whether you're relocating, trying to advance your career, or just ready for a change, a top-notch resume would be your first gate-pass to achieve your coveted position. Laszlo Bock, former Google Vice President, shared the most common resume mistakes he saw in his review of over 20,000 resumes during his tenure at Google.

From the obvious like spell-checking to confidentiality concerns, here are some simple but useful tips to observe when creating your resume.

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21 Fantastic Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

If you're getting ready for your next interview, you might be wondering what kinds of questions your potential employer will ask. While there's no certainty to what questions will come up, there are certainly frequently asked ones which you can prepare for!

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