Jeff Pelliccio

Jeff Pelliccio
Jeff Pelliccio serves as the Director of Marketing for Infinity Consulting Solutions, a leading talent resourcing provider for Technology, Accounting & Finance, Legal & Compliance, and Corporate Support. Jeff plays an integral role in supporting the corporate vision and leading the marketing department to advance and evolve the digital marketing strategy, customer engagement, lead and demand generation, marketing automation, and sales and marketing alignment. Jeff has been published as a thought leader, has been in the staffing industry since 2014, and has over 17 years of business development experience making him an expert in his role.

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The Current Evolution of CIOs

Chief information officers (CIO) realize that their jobs are evolving as cloud-computing takes over the business landscape.

Instead of spending their time providing tech support, CIOs are becoming more involved in business strategies and decision-making activities on boards and committees. As their responsibilities continue to change, so do their titles. Now, "digital" or "technology" are inserted into their positions, unofficially becoming a Chief Digital Information Officer or a Chief Information Technology Officer.

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The July Jobs Report You Should Know

The July jobs report has officially been released and reveals insights that both economists and employers found positive.

Setting the stage for the final half of the year, the report showed an increase of 164,000 jobs in the last month. The unemployment rate continued to stay low, remaining at 3.7%. Additionally, the average hourly wage went up by 8 cents, bringing the total to $27.98.

Economic expansion remained strong, the technology sector continued to see growth, and manufacturing has begun to slow down after its 2018 growth spike. Increases in workforce participation in the job search market and wage growth round out the top headlines from the last month.

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How to Conduct an Interview in a Candidate-Driven Market

The internet has made the gap between employers and job seekers smaller than before. A job seeker just have to input the job he's looking for in a search engine or a job aggregation site, then voila! He will have a vast job role and company options right at his fingertips.
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