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Big Tech is Having its Moment in Northern Virginia

The big tech industry in Northern Virginia is capitalizing on the West Coast's staffing slowdown for its ever-growing job market. Companies are increasingly having trouble in finding enough candidates with the right skills, particularly for cloud computing and cybersecurity roles. More and more startup companies are choosing Northern Virginia over the West Coast for their headquarters due to its proximity to federal agencies and the rising tech talent in the area.

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DC Continues to Look for Top Tech Talent

Washington DC's tech jobs are consistently on the rise with top tech companies like Amazon, Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple joining the DC tech industry. With the growing number of tech businesses in the area, filling up open positions with people who have high tech skills has recently become a top priority for hiring managers.

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Virginia’s Tech Industry Keeps Growing

It's no surprise to hear that California is topping data and statistical reports about technology workers across America. However, what comes as surprising now is Virginia has already developed into a tech hub, making it rank second in the country for its high concentration of tech workers. According to the Cyberstates 2019 report, more than 6,400 technology-related jobs were introduced in Virginia in 2018 compared to 2017. This is a massive increase in job openings, pushing Virginia further to the forefront of the technology industry.

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