8 Employment Demands Job Candidates have in 2018

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Apr 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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The working world is constantly changing on both sides of the fence. For candidates, finding a job is simpler than just ten years ago. Today's candidates have many employment opportunities. So, it's crucial to know what job seekers want so that you can snag the best candidates. 

There are now an unprecedented five generations in the workforce. This leaves employers the daunting task of discovering what motivates each group. Having so many generations in the workplace requires extra effort to keep everyone on task and productive for the company.

Let's look at eight things job seekers expect in 2018 employment opportunities.

1. Competitive Salaries

Money is always one of the strongest factors in choosing which jobs to fight for. All generations can expect fair pay in this tight labor market. No matter what age, gender, or geography someone represents, things are looking good for job seekers. Workers can easily access up-to-date compensation information for their city and industry. In many cases, employees can find information regarding their current or prospective organization. Most people would likely seek a different situation if they felt undervalued for their skills and time. Employers can offer perks to encourage employee loyalty. There are a whole host of perks you can use to foster employee loyalty, but nothing sells like higher wages.

2. Positive Work Environment

Work should be a pleasant place to be, and today's employees want to know what the politics and culture of a prospective position will be. This isn't about getting rid of cubicles or providing gourmet coffee. Instead, foster a positive place where people are open and courteous to one another. Invest time and energy to get to know your employees. Conduct standard one on one meetings, where each employee has the spotlight to voice their concerns and triumphs. There are apps to track and analyze the feedback, including the use of gamification software to make employees feel less distressed.

3. Authenticity

Employers are spending time keeping their reputations crystal clear. Beef up your brand to attract talent and to show your empathy. Candidates are attracted to a job for certain reasons. So, don't try to oversell features that won't live up to your promises. If you miss the mark or fail to deliver what was promised, millennials will walk out at the first opportunity.

4. Flexible Work Accommodations

It's now possible to stay connected to the internet around the clock. This has some employees experiencing burnout. If you provide phone and email access to employees around the clock, try to be considerate of their private time. 

Employees are often unofficially on-call all the time. This can be taxing on personal relationships. Make sure your organization does everything it can to respect boundaries after hours. The faster your new employee burns out, the sooner you'll be looking for a replacement. Try to find motivating factors like the ability to work from home a couple of days a week, results only work environments for flexible hours and other non-traditional schedules.

5. Autonomy

Nobody like a micro-manager and the different generations will respond differently. For instance, Generation Y likes a lot of personal feedback, whereas X could care less and wants to be left alone. No matter the age, employees want more freedom to do their work using best practices but with fewer guidelines. Successful companies prepare returning servicemen for their new life by injecting mastery and purpose into their professional development.

6. Personal Development

A traditional view insists that employees want to grow and learn on an upward arc. However, not all people are interested in the corporate ladder. In fact, people are increasingly interested in lateral moves. Retain talent by breaking the team into focus areas. Employees can become bored with the scope of their current role or department.

7. Sense of Purpose

Today's high earners want a job that provides a sense of purpose connected to philanthropy, writing, or whatever their passion is. People want to work for companies that contribute to a better society, and more employees are contributing to charities or organizing work crews for charities.

8. Happiness

An entire generation is pushing the boundaries of living small, with tiny houses or in pup tents. The youngest generation values happiness over material safety and security. This spills over into their work life. Remember that your employees want to feel valued and trusted.

Happiness is worth all the money given up enjoying time with the family. Ultimately, volunteer work is a free workout doing something great for a charity. This kind of win-win situation makes for a more harmonious workplace. 

Clean Up House

Some of these changes will take time, and some are quick fixes, but when all is right, candidates will be flocking to your door. Once you have your house in order, call ICS to find the talent you deserve. We're here to work with you to find the right people at the right time. You don't get a robot; you get a human partner in this process. 

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