7 Ways GDPR Impacts Marketers

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Feb 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Marketers can make themselves a worthy addition to any business. New marketing hires should research laws that have been passed in regions. That knowledge makes them look more appealing to hiring managers. The European Union has passed its own set of regulations in recent years. Those are being called the General Data Protection Regulation laws in the European Union. Companies that do business in the E.U. will have to abide by those laws too. Marketers will have to be able to work within the confines of GDPR laws.

Who Will Be Affected

Candidates want to apply for jobs that are going to last. They should be aware of how new laws can affect their new positions. E.U. laws will regulate business done by companies in the region. The GDPR is being discussed by leaders of organizations on the whole. These companies want to stay current with the right laws in the area. Staffing requirements might be changed by a renewed consideration of the GDPR. Your employer will want to find people who understand these regulations and work to fulfill their specifications. Marketers and legal representatives are ready to look at the laws. They can find ways for the company to comply with local regulations in full.

What Job Candidates Need to know

Candidates should show that they are well versed in these new laws too. Here's what you need to know: GDPR is an important regulation and will be taken seriously by authorities. Regulators are ready to review credentials held by various companies. These companies need to abide by these laws to avoid any penalties. It is possible to be penalized for various reasons under the letter of the law. There are now broad restrictions on the kind of data that can be taken. That especially applies to any company that uses personal data for clients. Companies need to do their part by keeping personal data secure. That prevents mishaps from even occurring at all for them.

How To Collect And Store Data

Successful candidates will want to learn more about proper data storage. Storing data is quickly becoming the norm, and people want to continue performing that service. Your company may hire an outside organization that wants to help collect that data. Businesses are preparing to adapt to these new GDPR laws put into effect. They want to stay current with laws and prevent problems with regulators. The GDPR has introduced a concept called accountability for these companies. They have to stay accountable for the personal data that they collect. There are proper methods for storing data that is collected by agencies. People want to follow GDPR laws closely to avoid any problems. Agencies have created a helpful method of tracking data being collected by any company.

Demonstrate Good Faith

Some marketers may be doing nothing about compliance with the GDPR. That may actually be a violation of the regulations themselves moving forward. There are rules regarding what companies need to be doing about these regulations. Good faith policies are part of doing business with the European Union. Regulators will be watching to see whether the GDPR is changed, but many tenets will still be in effect. There will also be no grace period after midway through 2018 for these companies. They will have to make the right staffing changes and put changes into place. That will keep them compliant as quickly as possible with the GDPR. Regulators will be following up on changes that are requested as well.

Get Ready With Education

Proper awareness is often the first step that some businesses will need to take. Your company may also hire new employees that are ready to comply with the GDPR rules. Be ready to train and learn about these GDPR rules. That way, everyone is on the same page and might avoid mistakes in the long run. Training sessions can be used to teach you compliance with these new regulations.

What Fines To Anticipate

Mistakes are costly for the company. Hopefully, fines will come from the regulators if possible. That helps the company prepare for the worst and understand some of the details to consider. Fines are assessed according to the type of violation that was recorded. Those penalties may actually be 4% of income for these companies. That amounts to a whopping 20 million Euros taken from these companies. Regulators will see that fines are paid down by these companies found in violation. Stiff penalties are par for the course when it comes to companies. The E.U. is waiting to see whether companies follow through on their end. Regulators expect that many will fall in line as they should. That can help them avoid penalties and other punitive measures later down the line.

How To Follow These Changes

Note that the GDPR is a relatively new law that has gone in to effect. These new laws also bring big changes with them over time. Be prepared for new changes and adjustments to how business is conducted. A legal and compliance department would be useful for managing these changes. Anticipate new changes and regulations that are put into effect. Hold a meeting to announce changes being put into effect if you are in a manager role.

Get Ready to Adapt

Marketing isn't for the faint of heart. There are always moving parts to keep up with and GDPR is just another moving part for you to conquer. If you can adapt, consider yourself a valued commodity. Check out our open jobs to see where your skills can be applied. We'd love to place you somewhere where you can make a real impact. 

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