5 Reasons Why Texas is Perfect for SMBs

Posted by Stephanie Quiros on Sep 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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As Texas continues to foster business growth, more and more companies have been interested in flocking to this metropolis. With talents having extensive expertise and an active startup community, Texas consistently lures small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). What could be there in Texas that SMBs are drawn into it?

1. Taxes

The contrast between taxes that different states can offer can be a deciding factor whether an SMB will do business there or not. In Texas, many firms can enjoy no personal income tax, low business taxes, and a pro-business environment. As companies are devoting less profit to taxes, they can re-allocate the tax cost savings to investing more in their business growth.

2. Infrastructure

Employers are trying hard to overcome the challenges of today's fast-moving economy, and properly maintained infrastructure is vital in helping them keep up. To allow businesses to grow without woes, Texas actively improves and invests in its infrastructure. By offering public-private partnerships and other benefits, Texas lets companies have peace of mind and avoid business-as-usual slowdowns brought by lackluster infrastructure.

3. Regulatory Environment

Texas has also been fostering a regulatory environment that's pro-business. Texas has effectively balanced offering and promoting regulations that are positive for companies without going overboard. As a result, the state's regulatory environment continuously adapts to an ever-shifting economy and makes it all the more conducive for SMBs. By cultivating and encouraging a culture of innovation through legislation, Texas enables companies to maintain an edge against their competition.

4. Quality of Life Outside the Workplace

As companies continue offering many of the same perks, life outside the office has become a differentiator in attracting talent. Texas boasts a quirky arts scene, top restaurants, phenomenal schools, and other recreational public areas. Not only employees get to enjoy these, entrepreneurs also have the chance to enjoy a one-of-a-kind lifestyle while still growing their companies. Indeed, quality of life can be an influential factor for SMBs choosing their home base.

5. Talent

Texas is abundant as well in homegrown talent, which it leverages to reel in businesses. Boasting a strong university system, the state keeps an advantage in an economy that's growing more dependent on knowledge. Why not? The diverse and highly skilled talent pool fuels the growth of entire industries and fosters a sense of innovation. Allowing companies to attract talented candidates easily, Texas has created a knowledge base by which any SMB can profit from.

For new businesses, attracting and hiring new talent are requisites to long-term, sustainable success. In today's crowded marketplace, companies are relying on any and every advantage. And Texas is one of the states where readily accessible advantages for SMBs reside.

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