4 Ways to Recruit Gen Z

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jun 24, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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The 2019 graduating class is fresh out of college and ready to join the work pool. Many of these individuals, while green, will have new ways of thinking and the very latest in education at their fingertips. This can make them a desirable hire. However, hiring Gen Z talent isn't always the same as hiring individuals from different generations. The oldest individual part of Gen Z is 24, so these are new potential employees. However, with a highly competitive job market, if you're looking to attract these workers to your company, you will need to consider these four ways to recruit Gen Z. 

Practicality Works

Far too many employers think they need to go over the top and become flashy to attract Gen Z employees. There's the unfounded belief that this generation wants more of an experience and culture. While some of these elements can be somewhat enticing to the right candidate, money and perks are far more important to Gen Z than the work experience. 

This is, primarily, due to college graduates being in more debt now than ever before. College costs have drastically risen in the last several years, and the average student now graduates with at least $37,000 worth of loan debt. 

While you still can offer an excellent coffee bar in the break room and a nice work campus, providing exceptional benefits and pay is far more attractive than anything else. 

Embrace Technology

Generation Z has grown up in technology. Of all the generations currently in (or entering) the workplace, no other generation has been continuously surrounded with technology like Gen Z. These are individuals who grew up surrounded by social media and smartphones. There was never a time when the Internet was not around. 

Due to this, it is important for your business to engage individuals with similar technology. Upgrading technology makes it easier to connect with this generation and attract them to the company. Many potential Gen Z employees do not use traditional job search engines, but instead, look for jobs posted directly to Google. This means you need to optimize your job posting for search engines. 

To do this, you need to take what you know about search engine optimization and utilize it with your job postings. This way, when someone performs a job search on Google, your job listings will come up. 

The Age Of Social Media Means Quick Responses

Before the age of social media, applicants would often need to wait weeks, if not months, before ever hearing back from a potential employer. However, social media has greatly influenced what someone expects from a business. For a company to survive on social media, it needs to respond to customer comments and complaints in a timely fashion. This has rolled over into applying for jobs. Now, according to Forbes, 62 percent of college seniors have come to expect employer responses in less than a week. 

To some, this fast response time may be unrealistic. However, by upgrading the technology used to automate the job search process, it is possible to send out some personalized (yet standard) communications to applicants. This will help keep applicants interested. Even if an applicant is rejected, it is important to make these messages time-delayed. 

Should an applicant receive an instant rejection email, they may become disenchanted with your company and avoid applying to your business again (even if they are better qualified for other jobs). So, while you need to reply in under a week (ideally), you need your applicant to know they were considered, to keep them interested in other jobs that may come available down the line. 

Passion Projects

Gen Z employees want to not only grow within the company and push their careers, but they also want to experience personal growth. Many of these individuals who come to your business have their own personalities. Because of social media and growing up around tech, they are accustomed to having a unique voice and not becoming a cog in the machine. That is one of the reasons you likely are going after a Gen Z employee. You like this independent thinking. The best way to take advantage of this and to keep Gen Z employees in the fold is to let them perform passion projects. This will keep them interested and let them know their work is important. 

The hiring market is currently extremely competitive. So if you're going after the latest graduating class, you need to position yourself as a desirable employer. By taking advantage of these four recruiting tactics, you'll do exactly that. 

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