3 Ways to Win Top IT Talent Without a Big Budget

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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The competition to attract and retain the best technical talent has heated up so much that even CIO Magazine refers to it as a war. American companies can't always expect to win this battle by sourcing talent from overseas either. Indeed, the problem is a global one, and the current political climate makes the availability of overseas talent unpredictable. At the same time, your growing company may already have the resources to compete with established brands.

Three Creative Tips to Recruit and Retain Top IT Talent

Your business may not be able to compete with companies like Amazon or Google for brand recognition, and you may also lack the budget to offer the highest salaries or enticing perks, but consider the following creative benefits as an offering for your current and future technical employees in order to attract and keep them:

1. Learn What IT Talent Wants

Earlier, we addressed some important things that technical people really want out of their employees. We found that intelligent employers aren't actually just "artificially intelligent" bots but real human beings who don't just plan to work for the employer with the highest salary. They want to feel good about the work they do every day and their long-term career prospects.

For example, like most employees, IT workers tend to favor jobs that can offer them professional development and a positive work environment. Today's engineers and developers also hope to associate themselves with companies that have a corporate mission that is in line with their own values. In fact, plenty of talented people would prefer to spend their days knowing that they are making a valuable contribution than just accepting the highest salary.

2. Recruit and Promote Problem Solvers and Not Just Subject-Matter Experts

McKinsey spent some time interviewing executives of companies that appeared to have few problems when they needed to fill technical jobs. These executives found that they didn't always succeed when they tried to recruit for the exact menu of skills they needed; however, they learned what most technical people already know -- talented technical people can pick up other skills.

In other words, it may be best to choose people with an obvious technical aptitude and a proven ability to solve problems. By either internally promoting or recruiting problem solvers and offering them the training and professional development they needed, these successful companies maintained high levels of productivity. They also developed employees with many skills and who didn't just specialize in one thing.

3. Consider Locating IT Functions to Cheaper Areas

Most people already know that it costs much more to live right inside many metro areas than it does to live outside in the suburbs or in smaller cities. Lots of employees already live in these places and some would be happy to take a job that doesn't force them to commute so far. Others might be willing to move to an area that would help them stretch their salary more, even it it's a lower salary.

Certainly, it's expensive to keep IT talent in New York City, Dallas, or Chicago. It's often cheaper to provide office space and salaries to employees in the suburban areas around these big cities or in smaller cities. With the state of today's communication technology, it really doesn't matter if the IT department is on the next floor or several miles away.

At ICS, We're an Ally in the Tech-Talent Battle

Here at ICS, we're eager to learn more about your company in order to help you attract the top talent to your organization. We want to work with you to help you hire employees who are truly attracted to your company's value proposition and are not just looking for a job. Work with us to find IT talent and many other kinds of valuable professionals.
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