Your Office Halloween Party Doesn't Have To Be A Tricky situation

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 26, 2017 2:00:00 PM

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You may have already gotten your costume for that office Halloween party, but have you thought about what it implies? Are you going to wear a costume that you’ll regret for the rest of your career?
With so many opinions in your office it’s easy to offend, shock, or scar. Don’t be stuck sitting in an HR meeting when everyone else is out having fun. Let’s take a look into some of the costumes that you may want to rethink. 

Costumes That Include The Term “Sexy” or Similar Terms

Even if you’re tempted to go as a slutty pumpkin, you really should think about what that implies and how it will affect your career path. People in the office love to gossip and showing up in something like that could have people talking in all the wrong ways. Even if it’s something docile like a sexy can opener, ditch the risqué and dial it back. This also applies to men. No one will forget that time you dressed up like Tarzan and wore just a loincloth. Be responsible and add a touch of professional into your costume. You may be dressing up, but the office dress code still applies in basic ways. Here’s a rule of thumb: If your parents wouldn’t approve of the costume, don’t wear it. 

Political Figures

The office is no place for politics. That also holds up on Halloween. Don’t dress up like the current president, senate candidate, or White House staff. You may start a conversation that is less than friendly. Leave your political opinions at the door and keep things civil. We get that politics have become a source of comedic fodder, but save that comedy for your own time. Keep your business out of everyone else’s place of business. 

Tarnished Celebrities 

Not a great time to dress up like Harvey Weinstein. In that same thought, don’t dress up like anyone who’s reputation has been tarnished this year or previous years. This includes sex scandals, money scandals, prison stints, murder, or rehab stays. It doesn’t pay to dress up like someone who has a worse reputation than you already have. In some cases, it’s insensitive to the people affected by this individual’s actions. Even if you’re making fun of them, it won’t be viewed that way every time. 

Tragic Current Events

Don’t, I repeat, DO NOT show up to your office Halloween party dressed as Hurricane Harvey. This is insensitive, ignorant and a complete oversight of judgment. It’s completely offensive to the victims of the tragedy and it’s not something you should make a joke of at any time. Don’t dress up as a mass shooter either. That shouldn’t even have to be said. No weapons of mass destruction, violence, or natural disaster should step foot in your office. 

Touchy Subjects 

This one should really be common sense. Don’t dress up as something offensive like a drunk mother, an undead baby, or a racial costume. We all know that race appropriation doesn’t go over well and you don’t want that kind of lash back. To be safe, keep it in your own culture, or just keep it far away from race. The subject of race is a sensitive subject so don’t even go there. If you it’s something you wouldn’t mind having to explain to an 8 year old, you should be in the clear. 

Costumes that Hinder You From Doing Your Job

We all know the blow up T-Rex Costume is one of the best costumes of all time, but can you do your job in it? Make sure your costume isn’t  going to stop you from being productive. Lobster claws, for instance, are probably not the best to type with at your desk. If you have a costume that’s mostly made of magnets, you may not want to work anywhere near something that can be affected by that. Sometimes it pays to think about the granular pieces instead of looking at the big picture. 

There's Still Time For You To Change Your Halloween Costume Into A Treat 

If your costume finds itself under this list, there’s still time to buy a costume, but remember your audience. There are some things that are better suited for friends than colleagues, no matter how familiar you are with them. Keep it PG and you can’t go wrong. ICS hopes you have a great time at your party!