You Don't Need A Resume: Try These Alternatives

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Everybody has a resume, but you don't want to blend in with everybody else when you're searching for a job. What do you do to stand out? Well, first of all, don't use a standard resume, or a resume at all.

We all know the feeling of sending our resume into the great beyond. All the while, we know it's just sitting somewhere in an unopened email attachment or somewhere buried behind thousands of other unanswered applications. Unfortunately, that's the norm, and assuming they do look at your resume, they'll make a decision about you in a matter of seconds. Let's hope you made a good impression in those few seconds. Here are some options to ramp up your chances:


No, you do not have to propose marriage, but you could send a business proposal. Send a proposal that solves a problem that the company is facing in the market today. It's a 60% chance that you'll secure an interview within two weeks of doing this. It's a great way to gain attention, although, somewhat risky throwing away your resume entirely. Just to be safe, make sure you remember to include your name and contact info. The last thing you want to do is give away a great idea for free.

Be Relevant:

Don't conform to the general resume layout. Relevancy is better than chronological order. By putting things in chronological order, you could be burying all of your hard work that applies to the job at hand. At the top of your resume, include all of your accomplishments and skills that make you appealing to the employer. Make them easy to find and concise. 

Show Off:

Are you looking for a job that requires specific skills like a finance assistant, AML compliance analyst, senior network engineer, or HR generalist? Make sure you put these skills at the top of your resume. Feel free to also include your work history at the bottom. Employers are looking for someone who can perform their specific tasks at an expert level and on a daily basis. That's why in the first few seconds, you need to show them that you are capable of doing so if hired.

Paint A Picture: 

No, not an actual picture. If you're going for a more creative role or a specific design role, show off what you can do. Include infographics to tell a story or use design to make the content really pop where it matters. Make sure search engines can still pick up your content, despite your design. Use resume builders, Google, or even check Pinterest for creative ways to differentiate your resume. 

Now Get Out There And Test It Out

We know the urge to go all out is there, but don't step too far out of the box. You still want to remain professional and put your best foot forward. Also, make sure your new strategy is relevant to your industry. It's pretty clear that no one in finance will appreciate the fact that you know how to make a 3D art print. Unless however, it's going to tell them how to solve all of their problems. That's a different story. 

Test your new strategy out as soon as possible. If you're looking to land a job, contact ICS. We have thousands of contacts and tons of clients looking for great talent just like you. All you have to do is find a job and start applying!

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