Women in Tech Should Head to Houston

Posted by Gary Pfennig on Apr 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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If you are a woman pursuing a career in the tech field, then the best place for you to be is in Houston. This city was recently recognized as the fourth best city in the U.S. for women working in technology jobs, according to a SmartAsset report.

The study considered four major factors, including the percentage of tech jobs filled by women, income after housing, and the gender pay gap, which were all double weighted, along with four-year employment growth also considered. With data collected from the reports generated by the U.S. Census, the reporting company only considered cities that had a minimum of 200,000 residents and reliable data. This left 58 cities all across the country included in this particular study.

Pay Speaks

The tech pay is what really stood out for Houston. In the Bayou City, the average female tech worker had a total of $60,600 left out of her salary after having paid for her home. Houston is now ranked eighth overall in this particular metric. With a 99 percent ration, the wage gap in Houston ranked the city at number three for having the smallest in the country. However, at just 26 percent, the city of Houston still has a rather low number of women who are in a tech position.

There is no other city in the state of Texas that appeared on this list, but it isn’t clear if they are among all the cities that were actually included as a part of this particular study. Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. all ranked ahead of the city of Houston. The major tech players in California, including Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco, were all found in the middle of the group or lower.

The study also compared the cities against the current national average. The entire list of the top 15 cities all came in higher.

It's Not Unusual

This is not the first time the state of Texas has received recognition as being a great place for women who are working in a professional/business field. Another study revealed that Texas was listed as number one when it came to opportunities for female entrepreneurs. However, in regard to STEM jobs, there is a report that discovered Houston wasn’t that appealing of a place to be. While this is true, affordability is another crucial factor, and Houston has been deemed an extremely affordable city. If you are looking to find jobs in Houston, please contact ICS for access to our open roles. Click below!

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