Why Your Company Should Use a Temporary Staffing Service

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Mar 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Temporary and contract staffing is on the rise across the country – but what benefits can it offer your company? Let's take a look at the advantages you can expect from temporary staffing agencies in 2017 – and beyond.

The Time You Need for Recruiting 

Recruitment must often balance between a sharp deadline to fill an important position and the time required to properly vet applicants, while also landing on a solid choice. The more important the position, the more this is a problem. Hiring managers often find that they simply don't have enough time to properly choose a full-time employee who meets all the qualifications. However, making a poor recruitment choice can be even more damaging to the company. 

Temporary staffing agencies offer a third solution: Create an intermediary period where the position is filled by a temp worker with the right qualifications, while the company carefully considers how to best fill the position with a full-time employee. It's a stopgap measure that provides HR with the time necessary to make a smart decision – and it's one reason that temporary workers are becoming more popular across the country. 

Note: This works best for lower level positions that are nonetheless very important to the company, or for smaller businesses where recruiters are very familiar with the role they need to fill. For higher level positions, the guidelines for temp appointments and formalized recruiting tend to be very strict, so using a temp staffing service isn't really a possibility. Two different strategies for different types of positions are called for.

Contracts are Perfect for Filling in Holes 

There are many times when a new employee hire is not required – but there's still a loss in talent that needs to be addressed. For example, if a new project is suddenly launched, there may not be enough team members available to properly address it. It could also be that an employee suddenly takes a large amount of accrued leave for a personal and legitimate reason, which, nonetheless, leaves a hole in the workforce that needs to be dealt with. 

Thanks to today's young professionals and increasingly flexible work schedules, these "holes" are becoming even more common. And here again, temporary staffing provides a reasonable solution. By using staffing agencies, HR departments can find the ideal temporary hiring solutions for each one of the gaps in resources. Temporary contracts can be very flexible, allowing hiring managers to work with agencies and tailor an arrangement that provides exactly what they need and when they need it.

Access to Broader Recruitment Pools 

There are two different factors that provide access to broader pools when using temp staffing resources. First, there will always be some talent that applies to a temp agency but will not apply to or find an open position in your company. But working with a temp agency, you automatically broaden your total pool and the new options have already been vetted by the agency, so you know they are relatively reliable. This is particularly advantageous in an arrangement where temp hires can transfer over to full hires if everything works out. Of course, this balance between HR's own hiring process and the possibility of transitioning a temp to full time does require careful work. 

Second, temp hiring encourages the use of remote work talent, which can often lead to a lot of possibilities previously unavailable to the company. Essentially, if the company is willing to consider freelance and remote workers, they are expanding their geographical options- and temp agencies can help make that possible, especially for companies that don't have many guidelines for hiring distance workers or arranging for remote work.

Help with Hiring 

As we've hinted several times already, one of the biggest benefits of using a temp agency is the access to a lot of services and hiring features that HR departments don't always have – or don't have enough time to complete properly. One common example is background checks and screening. Temp agencies handle this on their end, which can take a lot of pressure off hiring teams, while also saving money and meeting hiring goals under short notice. Having a third party pick up some of the hard work is a beneficial arrangement – as long as companies can find a competent agency that they can trust.

Deeper Consideration of Flexible Scheduling 

Temp staffing is also an important step for companies that are considering more flexible scheduling, but want to ease into it while adopting guidelines of their own. Remote work sessions and independent or flexible scheduling can be difficult for some businesses to jump into without knowing where to apply it, and also how to treat this "new" classification of employees. Working with an agency for a while is a great way to find out what strategies work best, how these arrangements affect the workplace, and if the company should take on temp and contract hires itself or not. 

Looking for the Right Staffing Solution

To receive the advantages of temporary staffing, it's important to find a trustworthy agency that you can rely on. For a staffing firm with deep talent pools, flexible contracts for individual circumstances, and more, Contact ICS Today and meet your new hiring goals.