Why Hire a College Greenhorn? Because Your Company Needs Them

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Nov 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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For a good number of years during the last Recession, companies have been extremely picky enjoying a buyer’s market of more labor availability than positions open. However, those tides have changed now as the baby boomer generation’s retirement has begun speeding up considerably, and optimum new labor talent has become a significant challenge to find as well as retain. This, among other reasons, is why companies should be giving serious consideration to brand new graduates fresh out of college versus just experienced candidates.

College greenhorns have a lot of criticism stacked against them in many office settings coming through the door. They have to be trained, they take time to adjust to a company culture, some still need some maturity, and they are untested under real-time pressure. However, they also come with a good number of benefits that company hiring managers shouldn’t forget either. Here are some of the key factors recent graduates bring to the table against other labor competitors:

1. Brand New Knowledge and Information.

Graduates already come primed with the latest industry information, concepts, ideas, methodology, and techniques. While the basic principles of business don’t change that much from year to year, the means by which they are accomplished can change significantly. Just look at how effective social media has become in brand awareness and marketing. We are now in a day and age where a growing number of people get their news and information from Internet posts online than from traditional news sources. Graduates are at the forefront of these new tools and resources, as well as how they are used effectively.

2. Easier to Train.

Applicants fresh out of school are extremely malleable to a corporate culture. That’s because they have no experiential point of reference in most cases and are quite willing to adapt to a new organization to start a career. This aspect can be extremely beneficial for an organization that needs employees who dive right into challenges without fear or experience-based reticence that often comes with experienced workers not so willing to go gung-ho again into the unknown.

3. An Optimistic Attitude.

Graduates are naturally idealists. They have their entire lives and the world ahead of them, so they frequently come with a very positive outlook towards challenge, risk, and opportunity. No surprise, they are often the first to dive into a new task, even if they don’t necessarily get it right the first time out to bat. And it’s frequently this kind of energy that carries graduates right through all-hours demands that experienced workers begin to realize burnout and exhaustion with. Graduates are also not limited in their thinking from ingrained cultural rules, they are extremely gifted in seeing things from “outside the box” and pointing out where a different approach might be useful.

4. They Are Thankful.

Given the fact that many of their peers are frequently working two jobs and just not finding that starting career spot on a full-time, meaningful basis, many graduates hired are extremely thankful for being picked and show it in their dedication. They will oftentimes stay loyal and in place through demanding tasks right out of the gate. That same eagerness is many times the fuel that helps a business grow, and it can’t be replaced by more experienced workers who tend to be pickier about their paths and choices based on middle career needs.

5. Easier Succession Planning Resources.

Graduates who come in from the ground up have a significant advantage over external candidates later on for management positions. It’s easy to be generalist manager, but when a person has to know the intricacies of an internal system as well as the unofficial cultures that often exist in different offices, the person who came up through the ranks is going to perform far better in the long run. Further, internal promotions tend to be far more loyal as they see their career path with the same organization versus jumping around as a hired gun just until the next better pay offer comes along.

6. Digital Communication Professionals.

If there’s one thing going for newly matriculated candidates, it’s that they have an extreme high understanding of how to communicate with multiple digital tools across different media platforms. Whether it’s video, text, content, music or similar, they are versed in the farthest-reaching tools and are often using the tools themselves for personal connection. This advantage isn’t just limited to social media. Graduates frequently come with a head-full of technology knowledge on how to use the latest apps to their full potential, often in a mobile device environment. To them, business is just another version of managing information from one party to the next. What would have taken a marketing team to put together in a month a few years ago, a typical graduate can generate in a day or two with the right apps and devices. And, more importantly, many are extremely good at reaching a lot of people quickly in terms of making ideas go viral on the Internet.

So if your organization is looking for high-energy candidates with a fresh new perspective on problem-solving and who can adapt quickly to your organization without a lot of prior limitations in how they approach issues, recent college graduates should be in your top considerations for hiring. ICS provides direct staffing support in information technology, accounting & finance, corporate support and compliance & legal resources. Their services cover the entire range of temporary support to permanent placement. And ICS has an extensive reach into graduate vetting and candidate hunting for key roles in today’s companies. Don’t go blind in your hiring anymore. ICS can bridge the gap to some of the most energetic labor resource available today in new career candidates right out of school.

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