Why Columbus is Perfect for Female Entrepreneurs

Posted by Gabrielle Bodo on Oct 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Columbus, Ohio, located in the heartland of the Midwest, is home to one of the largest state universities in the country and has a thriving market for women-owned startups. Just recently, Columbus has started to gain attention for having the right elements for women business owners to be successful.

Why Women Entrepreneurs are Attracted to Columbus

There are plenty of great attributes surrounding Columbus, but it certainly helps that women in this city are earning on average 5% more than men. The thriving city also happens to be one of the top five most affordable cities to live and conduct business in. Not to mention, its financial environment for new companies is top-rated as well. Columbus' livability and safety rating is also a factor why women entrepreneurs are drawn to the area since it is second-lowest in assaults per 100,000 people. Additionally, abundant networking resources for entrepreneurs are available for those who seek growth opportunities. 

Opportunities for Networking

Networking opportunities for women business owners abound in the Columbus market. They include nationally accredited organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Women in Economic Leadership Development (WELD), United Way of Central Ohio Women Leadership Council, International Women’s Forum Ohio Chapter, and Women Presidents Organization (WPO) Columbus Chapter. Having opportunities to create impactful relationships with successful female entrepreneurs allows for more connections to begin building long-term relationships.

Professional Culture

From a living room-like workplace design to relationships that encourage collaboration, Columbus' professional culture has attracted female startup owners with a laid-back yet engaging environment. Women are typically better at growing successful culture through varying approaches to communication, challenges, and conflict resolution. When potential female entrepreneurs see an office culture that's open and collaborative, they are happy to be involved. 

Enough Power to Share

You’ll find that among the top women entrepreneurs in Columbus are women who focus on contributing to the success of other women. They share knowledge to encourage more startup growth. The top women business owners share power, too, by starting businesses to hire other women. Mentoring is a top priority, which usually leads to female leaders continually lifting other women up and giving them opportunities. Success comes down to the lives that the business impacts—the more lives impacted, the more supporters that startups will have.

Enough Business for Everyone

Collaboration between all major participants in the industry is being promoted in Columbus. Unlike many cities that function on competition instead of collaborating for everyone's success, influencers encourage relationships to cultivate loyal clients organically. The lady entrepreneurs of Columbus are serious about their goals, but they don't battle for clients. To succeed, they live by the idea of needing to elevate those around them.


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