Which Jobs are Projected to Have the Fastest Salary Growth in the US?

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Nov 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Nobody has a crystal ball to predict exactly what the economy or job market will do either in the short-term or over the next five to ten years. However, economic research firm Glassdoor analyzed Bureau of Labor statistics and user-submitted information to predict which professions are likely to have the most significant wage growth in the coming year, based on growth over the most recent twelve months. 

Here are some of the top occupations expected to see the highest wage growth include: 

  • Recruiter: As the economy continues to grow and thrive, hiring should also pick up in many industries. Recruiters, whose median annual base pay is $50,491, may see pay increases of 4.8 percent year-over-year if projections hold true.
  • Bank Tellers: Although many banking functions are becoming increasingly automated, people working as bank tellers are projected to see income growth on a year-over-year basis of 4.3 percent. The current median annual income for bank tellers is $28,633.
  • Solutions Architect: An IT-specialist role, the median base pay for people in this position is a comfortable $102,184. Wages are projected to increase year-over-year by 3.7 percent.
  • Business Development Manager: The second of three Information Technology positions on this list, the outlook for business development managers is good. Current median base pay of $69,503 is projected to rise by 3.6 percent.  
  • Store Manager: As the economy grows, retail stores will continue to grow and need qualified personnel. The median base pay for a store manager is currently $48,701, but estimate wages will increase by a solid 3.5 percent. 
  • Web Designer: With a current median base pay of $51,767, the estimate is that the percentage of year-over-year wage growth is 3.4 percent. 

While individual jobs in the healthcare industry didn't make the list, it is worth noting that the healthcare industry as a whole is expected to see an increase in job potential as the U.S. population ages. 

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