Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 12, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Your sitting in your interview, you've done well so far, but then the question you dread comes out of your interview's mouth, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" You suppress the urge to roll your eyes because you don't even know what you're going to be eating in five hours, never mind where you'll be in five years, but the question just hangs there waiting to be answered. What is your go-to answer for this question and is it the right answer?

For an interview question that is as old as the concept of an interview, you'd think we'd have mastered this answer by now, but many struggle with answering it in a way that wins them the job. We'll share with you the perfect answer and it includes a few parts:

Become Your Future Company

If you and your company were behind curtains on a dating show, no one should be able to tell you apart. Know the company inside and out and especially their mission statement. How does this align with your goals and professional growth? The recruiter will love hearing something that rings true to their culture and what they need from a future employee.

Don't Be Delusional

We'd all love to think in five years after starting at a company that we'll be the president of the organization, but that's not very realistic unless you are actually interviewing for that position. Also, don't go off on a tangent of where you'd like to work past this company. No one wants to hear that you'll be leaving them before you even begin working there. Focus on what you can control in the next five years and stay on that path of growing out your career path. You don't have to be so specific about where, or what, but definitely include growth.

Tell Them You Want to Learn

In five years, you need to have demonstrated some growth in order to be a better employee. Figure out what areas of your career that need development and then go from there. If the job fits the bill of improving those areas, then the recruiter may see more of a fit for you in the company and see you rising through the ranks. 

Now Go Out There and Do It

Here's a broad example: "In five years, I'd love to have advanced in a company like this into a higher position where I can really grow out my skills and learn more professionally."

Now take that example and make it your own - Fill in the details and shape it towards the company and your experience level. The next time you interview, the question won't seem so foreign and stress inducing. Contact ICS for a great job opportunity fitted to your needs. You may find yourself in an interview sooner than you think. 

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