Cybersecurity Professionals are a Rare Commodity in Columbus

As technology continues to advance above and beyond what we ever thought possible, so does our dependance on it. Both businesses and the individual rely on digital technology to help perform day-to-day tasks.

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Save These Interview Fibs For Your Mom

Interviews are designed to identify potential employees who not only can perform the desired tasks of a position but who will fit within the company. Many applicants who are called in for an interview may attempt to fudge some of the truth in order to make themselves come across as a more desirable hire than other potential employees. The thing about telling small fibs during an interview is these potential white lies may actually end up costing an applicant the position.

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Accountants That Have Data Analytic Skills Are Slaying the Game

Accountants are in higher demand now than ever before. Companies from startups to the enterprise level are continually looking for individuals with accounting skills. While these professionals are desirable, it is possible to set yourself up for even greater success by adding on additional in-demand skills.

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