Mind The Unemployment Gap

According to the Labor Department, the United States has experienced a rare phenomenon in April 2019: the number of job openings is much higher than the number of unemployed Americans. In fact, this trend has been going on for some time now. Since 2018, Americans searching for jobs has continued to decrease while job openings continue to rise.

This phenomenon further underscores the difficulty employers face in finding and hiring workers. While many jobs are open across the board, employers are struggling to hire qualified workers from a shrinking pool of eligible Americans. Experts and analysts alike have warned that this situation may not improve anytime soon.

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Top Paying Jobs Are in Denver

As America enters into a new era of unparalleled productivity, more and more cities have positioned themselves as enticing workplace options. And just recently, new data has been released suggesting that Denver is quickly developing into a hub for top-paying jobs. Balancing the mix of high-quality jobs and innovative industries, Denver is now becoming an economically complex city home to diverse opportunities.

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Companies Are Looking For These 20 Skills

As technology quickly advances, today’s job skills continuously face the challenge of being outdated. So how do you evolve with the job market's ever-changing needs?

Embracing ongoing education is one of the ways to be the most promising candidate in the shortlist. Hiring managers now expect you to be responsible for learning new skills on your own. For them, instead of expecting the employer or potential employer to provide advanced training, you should be responsible for your learning experiences and growth.

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