The Credit Risk Analyst Career Path

Commercial banks and other financial organizations employ credit risk analysts in their credit and lending departments. They evaluate the creditworthiness of credit applicants and look at the financial performances of current customers. Analysts can deal directly with customers and business clients to get data for their evaluations, or they can partner with sales agents and credit officers who communicate directly with the clients.

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High-Value Skills in the IT Job Market

The process of acquiring a new job in a competitive talent market like IT is challenging; however, there are specific IT skills that can help to pave the way – especially when they are in high demand.  Are you ready to find out what employers are looking for? If so, you will love the list here. We have compiled a list of the fastest growing, in-demand technical skills employers are searching for now.

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Big Data Skills that Will Put You in Good Company

Just a quick search for the phrase “big data” on any popular job portal will result in thousands of results with a huge array of open positions. Some of the positions you will likely find include data analytics engineer, big data engineer, Hadoop developer, and big data developer. This alone helps to reflect the outpouring of demand for professionals who have some level of big data expertise.

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Should I Get A CPA License?

Newly minted accounting graduates or those with a few years of experience under their belt often begin to think about the many certifications available to advance their knowledge and finance careers. Maybe you think that a CPA is your best option, even if you have no intention of becoming a public accountant. Here, we explore this and other certification options that can move your career forward and help you build up your resume.

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Internal Auditing Careers Make An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Do you want to specialize in internal auditing and aren't sure how to make a move in that direction? This profession has a long history that goes back centuries. However, today's fast-paced innovations require experts who can stay on top of constantly changing compliance and regulatory changes.

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Deploy Your Military Skills in a Civilian World

If you have ever served in the military, then you’ve worked and lived in environments that are unique to the military culture. You have likely lived on bases, in submarines, on installations and more. You’ve eaten MREs and shopped at commissaries. You have been deployed to exotic and unique locations around the world and become used to the sense of community – regardless of if you were visiting a medical clinic, restaurant, place of worship or school.

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