What No One Tells You About Job Hunting After You Graduate

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the national unemployment rate for recent graduates is 3.7%, just a little below the overall unemployment rate of 3.8%. The job market for new graduates had significantly shifted in recent years, especially since 2011, when the unemployment rate for college graduates reached a whopping 7.1%.

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Big Tech is Having its Moment in Northern Virginia

The big tech industry in Northern Virginia is capitalizing on the West Coast's staffing slowdown for its ever-growing job market. Companies are increasingly having trouble in finding enough candidates with the right skills, particularly for cloud computing and cybersecurity roles. More and more startup companies are choosing Northern Virginia over the West Coast for their headquarters due to its proximity to federal agencies and the rising tech talent in the area.

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Why Accounting Temp Agencies Should Be on Your Radar

Whether you're looking to gain hands-on accounting experience, or are simply trying to boost your income while you're still in school, temping can be a great solution. Who knows? This temporary chance might eventually pave the way for your full-time, permanent employment!

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